Friday Favourites: Winter Decor

It's the end of the first week of January after running on holiday time for two weeks - back to reality!
I am reallllly trying to make the effort to get on a regular schedule where I post more, and have a workout and school routine as well! 
These are some of my favourites this week, inspired by Winter decor (how to decorate post Christmas).

Favourite Decor:
Winter Decor from Pinterest 
Just because Christmas is over, doesn't mean you need to put all the decorations away. It's still winter, so keep out all the cozy blankets, fur throws, candles, and other wintery objects that aren't super Christmassy! I know I kept out my fur throw, blankets, wintery pillows, plain green wreath, pinecones and antler accessory! I love seasonal decor - not point in putting it away when you can still enjoy it!

Favourite Recipe:
Healthy Berry Muffins from Kayla Itsines
I don't know about you - but I'm on that new year new workout plan bandwagon. I think it is just easier to start something new after the holiday season when you aren't surrounded by lots of treats, as well you can make it a new years resolution. It's one of those psychological things... anyways, this recipe is by Kayla Itsine, which is the workout guide I am following. So if she posted this, it must be okay!? So many store bough muffins aren't good for you, so it's nice to have a healthy at home alternative!

Favourite DIY:
DIY Rustic Wood Candle From
Inspired by my Favourite Decor - winter decor and diy's!
These are really cute, and sure they look christmassy with the red berries and candles, but switch that out for some plain greenery and white candles, and you have some really cute rustic wood candles for winter!

Favourite Winter Fashion:
Winter Chic from Pinterest
I think these are super cute, and they are made with cereal boxes! There are random things clued to the boxes, and they are spray painted. Click the link above to see how to make them!

Favourite Printable:
2016 Hand Lettered Calendar Printable from Delineate Your Dwelling
I love this calendar! I used it all last year, and it's so cute! I have a little tiny clipboard mounted on my cork board at my desk. I don't even write on it, I just like to be able to quickly look at a calendar.
The best part - it's free!

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