Friday Favourites: Valentine's Day ideas

It's finally Friday, and that means it's reading week/spring break for us now!
We are heading to Mont Tremblant for Valentine's Day/Family Day weekend, something we look forward to all year. 
Though we won't really get a chance to celebrate Valentine's as we are away with family, I still wanted to share some of my favourites - because there are so many cute ideas!

Happy love day everyone!

Favourite Outfit:
25 Beautiful Pink Outfits for Fall and Winter form
I think this outfit is so cute, and if I was going on a cute valentine's day, this is what i'd love to wear! It is so cute and perfect!

Favourite Recipe: 
Strawberry Cupcakes from
These cupcakes are really cute, and they aren't too hard to make! For the "love" topper, buy candy melts, and put them in a piping bag. Either print out the world love in the font you like, or draw freehand. Pipe the candy melts onto parchment paper (place the template underneath), and then freeze for at least 30 minutes to an hour!

Favourite Decor/DIY:
Valentine's Mantel Inspiration from
This is a fun and cute craft idea and mantle topper - one day when I am not so busy with school and work, I want to do something cute like this!

Favourite Nails:
Photo from
I really hope I get the chance to paint my nails this weekend - and this is exactly what I will be doing with my fingers! It is simple but cute.

Favourite Idea: 
Sweetheart Cinnamon Buns from
I know my boyfriend would love to eat these for breakfast on valentine's day! Just buy the prepared pillsbury cinnamon bun, and unwind the swirls, and reshape them like this! 

Some of my favourites from past posts:

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