Backpacking: How We Packed

When we were planning our trip we decided we didn't want to worry about leaving anything at hostels. So... we decided to buy daypacks and carry everything with us every day! Maybe that sounds crazy, but it actually worked out really well for us. There was never a time where we needed more space, we tried to keep it as simple as possible. 


It's the last day of our backpacking portion of the trip, and we had most of the day to spend in Amsterdam. 

Bruges and Brussels, Belgium

 We had a beautiful sunny day in Brussels and enjoyed walking around enjoying the atmosphere. 

Füssen and Munich, Germany

Today was the absolute perfect day. We caught a horse drawn carriage up to Neuschwanstein castle, and took a tour around the castle - the paintings and everything were gorgeous! 

Plitvice Lakes and Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb has been a different kind of adventure than Budapest, but we've still really enjoyed it! 


Budapest has been an amazing stop on our backpacking trip! We have had two beautiful days here and managed to see everything - even some things twice! 

Madrid in five hours

Today we are starting the next leg of our trip where Chris and I are backpacking on our own! Today we flew from Santiago to Madrid, and spent 5 hours exploring the beautiful city! 


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The next part of our trip we are backpacking - with just a daypack!
I wanted to keep things simple, and get the backpacking feel within a short time period. We are hitting a few countries in only a short amount of time, and I am really excited.