Summer 2016

Summer 2016 is coming to an end and what an amazing one it has been! In case you wondered why I have been MIA, and why I have been travelling so much, it's because this is our last summer of freedom before work and school. My boyfriend is starting school (probably another 8 years or more), and I am starting work (plus taking courses still)! 

After our European backpacking adventures, we continued on to England. We spent a week in the Lake District with both our mums, hiking and doing lots of lovely things. Then we continued on to our family home, near where my mum grew up in Surrey. Chris and I spent all of June there hiking every day, as well as doing other local things, London, Hampton Court Palace, Polesden Lacey, Royal Ascot, Coldplay, visiting family and friends. 

After returning, we went up to the cottage and spent all of July and August relaxing, with some cottage work, and online courses throughout. The last few weeks we also spent entertaining lots of friends and family, and celebrating birthdays!

We did so many things, it's easier to just recap the rest of the summer through photos - hopefully you enjoy them all.

Very thankful and feeling blessed after such an amazing summer!
Now off to work and school we go!

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