Friday Favourites: Is it Fall yet?!

I'm getting back into the swing of things, and that means Friday Favourites are back!
I am getting super excited for fall and all of the amazing baking ideas I have planned. Plus I love adding cute decor items around the house. 
I think fall might be one of my favourite seasons! I think there is such an amazing energy in the air and overall atmosphere.
Besides my excitement for fall - it's Friday, which is also pretty exciting! 
Have an amazing weekend.

Favourite Recipe: 
Pumpkin Caramel Cheesecake Bars from
These bars are so drool worthy! I definitely think I have to try baking these soon. I hold off on pumpkin flavoured things until fall and then I go all out. I love the combination of different layers!

Favourite Outfit:
I love fall fashion ideas! They always make me really excited for fall and make me want to buy new clothes! I love the vest and the boots - definitely need something like this in my life!

Favourite Idea: 
Friendsgiving Table Settings from
I think this is adorable and I wish that I could have a cute dinner like this! Maybe its a little unrealistic, but I think it is such an amazing atmosphere and I hope that I can convince someone to do this with me!!

Favourite Food DIY:
Pie Crust from
I think this is such a great idea! Use a cookie cutter (or multiple) to cut out the pastry for the top of the pie. I think this looks so artsy, impressive and amazing! I think this is an easy thing to try out for pumpkin pie this fall. 

Favourite Nails:

Left photo from and right photo from Tumblr
I think there are some amazing nail trends and ideas out right now, and some very cute neutral colour trends out for fall. I love them and wish I could be painting my nails like this right now!!

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