Friday Favourites: Happy Halloween!

TGIF - and Halloween weekend! These are some of my favourite inspirations for Halloween costumes, decor and baking!
Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Favourite Table: 
I love themed dinners - not that I ever get the chance to host them, but I love the concept!! Hopefully in the future I will get the chance to use all my favourite table setting themes. I think this one is great for halloween, and the old bottles spray painted black, with the candles in them!

Favourite Make Up:
Photo from
I love this make up for halloween because you can wear it with anything with it, and it is super cool! I don't think it would be very difficult to pull off either - just need black and white make up. Probably some black lipstick and lack eye liner so you are able to draw in the smaller details over top of the white base. 

Favourite Decor:
I can't wait to have my own front porch to do cute decor things for. I really love this idea. Especially the chalk board, because I can be changed between seasons!

Favourite DIY: 
Party Animals DIY from
Definitely click the link above to see this cute group costume idea! It is an easy DIY with cool make up, something I really like the idea of!

Favourite Recipe:
Totally making these this weekend, but maybe switching the centre from cookie dough to brownie balls. They look so yummy, and easy!

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