Friday Favourites: Easing into Christmas

Not everyone is as ready for Christmas as I am, but since it's going to snow in Toronto this weekend, I thought this post eased us into the Christmas spirit and season!
There are always so many amazing ideas on Pinterest, and these are some of my favourites so far. 

Favourite Inspiration:
Winter Scene from (left) &
Hot Chocolate Bar  from (right)
These are not necessarily Christmas inspirations, but more winter feels. I love the winter scene and the hot chocolate bar is such a cute idea. I did something similar last year with Baileys, but I love the printables available on Hawthorne and Main (link above).

Favourite Recipe:
Gingerbread Cake from
I don't think I have ever had a gingerbread cake, and I am wondering why because this looks delicious with the cream cheese frosting. This recipe is a must try for me this holiday season!

Favourite Decor: 
A Fresh Green Christmas Table from
This Christmas decor is not too in your face which I love! The greenery and subtle golds - so beautiful!

Favourite DIY: 
Festive Wrapping Inspirations from (left) 
Car in Jar Snow Globe from (right)
I love the simplicity of the gift wrap, and the mason jar. I would really love to try both of these DIY's. Especially the mason jar, I think it is super cute, and goes with our Christmas decor. I am sure it would be really easy to do with some dollar store items!

Favourite DIY Gift:
This is such a great gift idea that you can make at home. I love the little bag idea and you could fill it with other gifts instead of the cookie mix, as well!

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