Friday Favourites: Rustic Christmas

I am really getting into these themed Christmas favourite posts!
I never intended to do this, but I am rolling with it now because I love when everything goes together and matches! 
I love rustic Christmas decor, it reminds me of what a traditional old school Christmas would have been like and the natural charm. 

Favourite Table Setting: 
Table Setting from
I love when table setting decor is very natural and simple, the main colour is green, and I think it looks beautiful! This would be a very simple Christmas table setting, just table extra greenery and lay it down the centre, and put lots of tea lights, as well as wrapping the napkins up with twine and adding a little piece of greenery to it. 

Favourite Decor:
I really love this little mini tree, and the way it is styled in the country farm wooden box, I think it is a different take on having a Christmas tree skirt. It also looks really nice will all of the other woods in the bench, the hooks and the frames. 

Favourite Recipe: 
Extra Thick Hot Chocolate from
I have never had something like this, but I imagine it would be something like a pudding with marshmallows?! I think that sounds like an amazing idea!

Favourite DIY:
Happy Holidays Paper Wrapped Trees from
These are such a simple idea and I see them all over the place! This particular DIY is just done with wrapping paper, and is really inexpensive, so you can recycle them and make new ones each year.

Favourite Decor Inspirations:
17 Christmas Chalkboard Inspirations from
I really love all of these chalkboard ideas for Christmas - we had one last year and I am missing it since we have moved! 

Favourite DIY Gift Wrapping:
Cute Moose Wrapping paper sold on (left)
I love the brown paper packaging with designs drawn onto it, and the twine string with greenery! I think it looks homemade and thoughtful!

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