Friday Favourites: A Chic Christmas

I love exploring all different styles of Christmas decor because there are really so many options to decorate, and if I could change my theme every year I totally would.
These are some of my more chic Christmas favourites with lots of silver and gold.
Have an amazing weekend!

Favourite Decor:
Our Home For Christmas from
How gorgeous is this home for Christmas, you have to click the link above and see all of the wonderful decor! 

How To Make A Mason Jar Snow Globe In 7 Easy Steps

Half of the fun in Christmas is getting ready for the season with decorations. Whether it's putting ornaments on the tree or hanging up a wreath on your door, there are so many ways to decorate and get into the Christmas spirit. But what's even more fun than hanging up decorations is making new ones. Not only will you get to do a fun, holiday themed craft, but you'll have a new way to remember this Christmas year.

An easy and eclectic craft is a mason jar snow globe. Using this tutorial from Shutterfly, you can make a cute and memorable snow globe to keep for yourself or give out to others to commemorate the season with a Christmas card. After all, giving is the reason for the season!

Friday Favourites: A White Christmas

If you haven't noticed, I really love themed posts!
Where all of the photos look beautiful together and have a similar idea behind them.
Obviously this post is Christmas inspired, while I dream about snow.
We haven't had a snowfall that stays yet, but I am hoping in the next month we get one!

Photo Source: Instagram @thewhitecompany and @curtiscreation

Friday Favourites: Rustic Christmas

It's halfway through November, so I think it is safe to start sharing all of my favourite Christmas decor! These are some of my favourites from this week, that aren't too Christmassy, but are very cheery in my opinion. 

White Christmas from
Definitely Christmas date goals! I would love to do this, it seems like a perfect day! We used to do this when I was little, and get hot chocolate. 

Farmhouse Inspirations

Photo Source:
I was home visiting my parents this weekend and my Dad is always talking about redecorating. 
Whether or not he does - I am in love with the theme I came up with.
He has a century home with some exposed brick, antique's and some rustic pieces so I decided a farmhouse style would be gorgeous. Then, he has a more formal living and dining room space, where the blue Ralph Lauren style would come into place.
Check out some of my favourite inspiration photos below. 

California Roadtrip

As you may already know from my Instagram or as you will soon know from this post - we recently did a little California road trip, including San Francisco, Yosemite, Big Sur (driving down highway one) and Los Angeles! I wanted to share some details of what we did on the trip, and suggestions on what I would change if I did it again.

Friday Favourites: Cozy Cabin

Spending the weekend at a chalet and dreaming of snow, warm drinks and cozy blankets!
This weeks favourites are inspired by cozy winter days inside.

Colors To Make Your Home Feel Like Summer All Year

Guest Post by Jay David from

Is summer your favorite season of the year? When the weather starts to cool down do you begin dreaming about the following spring?

If this sounds like you, then why not bring summer into your home?

Friday Favourites: Cranberry Love

It's the Cranberry Festival this weekend in Muskoka, and I know we'll be there!
I am excited for all things Cranberry, and this post is inspired by Cranberry, Fall and gathering together and enjoying good food!
Even though Thanksgiving is over in Canada, we can still enjoy family time, and in America, gear up for your Thanksgiving.

Favourite Table Setting:
Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Ideas from
I love all of the gorgeous fall colours in this table, all tastefully styled with the hints of gold, perfect throughout Fall.

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Like many others right now, I am obsessing over all things Pumpkin, so I decided to try a few pumpkin spice muffin recipes. This one is hands down my favourite, and I have made it a few times with many different versions. 
Below is a way to make this recipe healthy, or not so healthy - as well as the option to add cream cheese centres! (Pictured above are the cream cheese centre version)

Definitely worth a try this Fall, especially for Thanksgiving weekend breakfast! 

Friday Favourites: Thanksgiving Tables

Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and because of my love for beautiful tables, I wanted to share some of my favourite Thanksgiving (or even Fall) tables!
I hope you get some inspiration!

Favourite DIY Table Runner:
Friendsgiving from
First off, I love that this is outside - and maybe because our weather has been warmer, this is possible this year!? Also, the DIY table runner is so cute, I love it!

Friday Favourites: Neutral Fall Decor

Loving all of the fall decor that I am seeing all over the place
While decorating my place for Fall, I have been looking for more neutral ideas and looks that can be classy or farmhouse style!
Here are some of my favourites from this week.

Favourite Front Door:
Autumn is in the Air, Fall Home Tour from
What better way to welcome fall into your home than by starting with your front door! I am always so jealous of all of these front doors! I live in a Condo and we can't do more than a wreath, but I totally love this! Simple but gorgeous! 

Friday Favourites: Autumn Chills

Some of you might think I'm a little early posting this, but the weather has been chillier this last week! 
Early mornings and nights are a lot colder!
Some of my fellow bloggers and I are really excited for fall, and soon you will be too!
Here are some of my favourite fall inspirations. 

Favourite Table Setting:
Flora Fauna Wedding Inspiration from
I think I have an obsession with cute table settings and one day I am going to have a million different plates and cutlery sets. Love this for a fall or even thanksgiving dinner!

Friday Favourites: Bridal Shower

Happy Friday!!
I am going to a Bridal Shower this weekend and I've seen so many beautiful ideas - I had to share them! Also, one idea that is shared below, is all of the guests are wearing all white and I think the photos will be incredible!
Update: Scroll to the bottom of this post to see photos from the shower!

Favourite Table Display:

Marble Lamp DIY

Recently I've had many people on Instagram asking where I bought these lamps, but the truth is - I made them!
This was a project I worked on last summer before moving into our new place in Toronto.
I never got around to posting the instructions on how to make them, but finally I am going to!
Two of these lamps can be made for under $100 total using marble bathroom tiles and a lamp kit.

Friday Favourites: Boho Blush

I know so many people moving, getting their own places and having fresh starts!
This post is inspired by a friend's bedroom decor and some great photos I came across when thinking of ideas!
Happy Friday!

Favourite Bedroom:
Boho Bedroom from oh.eight.oh.nine on Instagram
Love the pinky colours mixed with the neutrals! I think one of the best pieces of advice when buying your first pieces of furniture is to go neutral and decorate with colour and accent pieces like pillows and art. Pillows and art can easily be changed, and mostly inexpensive. If you buy neutral furniture, it can last a lot longer through all of the different trends!

Friday Favourites: Cottage Bound

Happy long weekend!
One thing that is great about the summer is all of the long weekends we get to look forward to!
This is my first summer where I have been working full time all year, and it isn't as bad as I thought because of all these long weekends! Loving it.
Here are some of my favourites for a long weekend at the cottage. 

Favourite Table Setting: 
The Alfresco Life from
I think that this looks like a perfect cottage dinner party setting! I know it might seem like a pain to bring all of the china and food down there, but once everyone's enjoying food, the setting would be incredible!

Friday Favourites: Summer Citrus

We're at the end of July and it feels like summer is flying by!
We still have over a month left of summer, so I plan on enjoying it.
A theme I keep seeing all over the place is summery fruits, especially lemons and these Friday Favourites are inspired by them!

Favourite Decor: 
Summer Lemon Farmhouse Dining Room from
I would love to have a little country home with rustic decor like this, it looks perfect! I also love the lemons on each place setting, and I have seen this at weddings before - super cute!

Friday Favourites: Feeling Peachy

Yay it's friday!!
You know sometimes weeks just feel a little longer than others - that was this week to me! 
Happy that it's the weekend and I am heading up to the cottage.
Loving these cute summery inspirations I found this week for my Friday Favourites!

Favourite Recipe: 
Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream from
Last summer we were obsessed with backed apple crumble, but now I think I have a new treat to try! 
Might try this over the weekend - maybe with frozen yogurt instead though, just to make it a tiny bit healthier!

Friday Favourites: Palm Chic

Though the weather hasn't been so sunny here in Toronto, it doesn't mean we can't dream of warm weather and bright tropical colours!

Staying optimistic, here are some of my summery favourites.

Favourite Table Setting:
Palm leaves are so popular right now! I seriously have so many different Palm photos I could make a party board around flirty pinks and palm leaves. 
I really love this table setting, I think it is super cute for a summery party! Check out the other ideas at the link above!

Friday Favourites: Earthy Easter

Easter is next weekend, and all of the decor and inspirations are always my favourite.
I love all of the spring colours, florals and fresh ideas.

We are away this Easter, but we are still  hoping to celebrate another time, and I can't wait to use some of these beautiful ideas at my own dinner!

Favourite Table Setting: 
Natural Easter Table Setting from
I love the moss, spring flowers and pastel bowls and plates.
This would be such a beautiful rustic table setting at anyones house this Easter! 

Friday Favourites: A Valentine's Day Wedding

Valentine’s Day has given us all the heart eyes and filled us with so much wedding inspiration. So, if you’re planning a winter wedding and are in need of ideas for wedding invitations… you’ve come to the right place! It’s the month of love and we’re celebrating by giving you all the pink, red, and heart filled Valentine’s Day wedding inspiration you’ll ever need. We’ve partnered up with Basic Invite to bring you design examples, colour inspiration, and invitation ideas that you will fall in love with!