Friday Favourites: Cottage Bound

Happy long weekend!
One thing that is great about the summer is all of the long weekends we get to look forward to!
This is my first summer where I have been working full time all year, and it isn't as bad as I thought because of all these long weekends! Loving it.
Here are some of my favourites for a long weekend at the cottage. 

Favourite Table Setting: 
The Alfresco Life from
I think that this looks like a perfect cottage dinner party setting! I know it might seem like a pain to bring all of the china and food down there, but once everyone's enjoying food, the setting would be incredible!

Favourite Idea:
Homemade Waffle Cones from (left) & S'More Cookies 
I absolutely love freshly made waffle cones, it reminds me so much of the cottage! It would be fun to try and make them from scratch - check out the link above to find out how.
On the other hand, these S'More cookies I made a few years ago are to die for! Recently someone who was up at the cottage when I made them was recalling how good they were, You could even make these with a prepared cookie dough with similar results!

Favourite Outfit:
Backyard Rehearsal Dinner Ideas from
Whether you are having a big party or wedding like the link above suggests, I think this is such a great idea! It looks cool, and it is super functional!

Favourite Recipe:
I saw these shirts pop up on my instagram recently and thought they are so cute to wear up at the cottage! Also there cause is really great, so check them out!

Favourite Recipe:
Peach Rose Sangria from (left) & Mimosa Sangria from
Both of these drinks look delicious, and if you have a lot of people visiting, I think its a fun summery drink for everyone to enjoy!

Favourite DIY: 
Giant Pineapple Pool Float from
All of these funky pool floats have been so popular the last few years!
I know some may think they are ridiculous but I think they are cute and fun, and why not have them for the pool or cottage!? I love this pineapple and have definitely considered getting it multiple times - they also sell it on amazon prime!

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  1. I shot a wedding at this place in May of last year and the couple was thrilled! They had the ceremony out on the patio then came inside to a long-table format reception which was perfect. The cake table at San Francisco wedding venues was backed by some stunning views.