Friday Favourites: A Chic Christmas

I love exploring all different styles of Christmas decor because there are really so many options to decorate, and if I could change my theme every year I totally would.
These are some of my more chic Christmas favourites with lots of silver and gold.
Have an amazing weekend!

Favourite Decor:
Our Home For Christmas from
How gorgeous is this home for Christmas, you have to click the link above and see all of the wonderful decor! 

How To Make A Mason Jar Snow Globe In 7 Easy Steps

Half of the fun in Christmas is getting ready for the season with decorations. Whether it's putting ornaments on the tree or hanging up a wreath on your door, there are so many ways to decorate and get into the Christmas spirit. But what's even more fun than hanging up decorations is making new ones. Not only will you get to do a fun, holiday themed craft, but you'll have a new way to remember this Christmas year.

An easy and eclectic craft is a mason jar snow globe. Using this tutorial from Shutterfly, you can make a cute and memorable snow globe to keep for yourself or give out to others to commemorate the season with a Christmas card. After all, giving is the reason for the season!