Friday Favourites: Thanksgiving

Canadian thanksgiving is next weekend and I am really excited to head up to the cottage, enjoy the cooler air and atmosphere. Plus eat lots and lots of baked goods!

This photo below  reminds me so much of Thanksgiving at my cottage as a kid! We spent every thanksgiving up in Muskoka with my grandparents! So many memories of walks in the woods and cozy fires!
Photo retrieved from here.

Like I said in my last Friday Favourites post, I am trying to share a little more of my life with you guys, including things I don't share much about on Instagram. 
Anyone who has followed me for a while knows this, but for anyone new - I have been working part time on an interior design degree for a few years, while working full time and blogging. It makes for a busy life, so when I slack on blog posts for a while, that is why! It is a 4 year degree, and I take two courses at a time. They last about 10 weeks each with a two week break between each term. Right now I have a break until after thanksgiving, so I am really excited about that! I am really excited to share my Fall content that I have been working on with you, so stay tuned for that on Instagram: @emscourtney as well as a few posts popping up on here!

Favourite Decor:
Welcome, My Fall Entryway from
I love making little seasonal changes to decor, and these little changes above are perfect! Love the harvest frame, as well as the blanket scarf and rustic details. 

Favourite Morning Treat:
Mulled Spiced Apple Cider Doughnuts | #applecider #cinnamonsugar #doughnuts #applebutter #maple #fall #autumn #harvest
Apple Cider Doughnuts from 
How amazing would it be to come back from a cold walk on Thanksgiving weekend, and enjoy warm apple cider doughnuts!? I may have to try and make these this weekend!

Favourite Table Setting:
I am planning on making a dedicated post for beautiful Thanksgiving table settings, however this one is really beautiful and elegant! I love the table greenery and pumpkins as well as the fur and blankets on the bunch!

Favourite Recipe:
WS Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie from
Not only are these pies beautiful, but Williams Sonoma also shared a pumpkin pie recipe as well as a pie crust recipe that I would definitely try, especially if you want to make beautiful leaves and decorative pie pieces!

Favourite Printable: 
Guess what, y’all!  I’m adding in some non-blogger fun to the mix for this week’s Brag-Worthy Thursday!  If you don’t have a blog but have the DIY bug, you can share a photo of your latest project every Thursday on the Bless’er House Facebook page at 9pm EST.  I’m amazed at the creativity floating aroundRead more
Editable Thanksgiving Placecards from
I think I have used these before?! They are so cute and I was able to print these or something similar onto brown paper bags that I fed through the printer, or even on brown shipping paper.
Super cute and personal touch!

Favourite Style: 
Cute put together but def not that dress print but the idea is cuteFollow @taiawoodard for more outfit insp. nail insp. skin care, tips and much more. 🖤💰
Photo from (left) & (right)
Love these two looks for thanksgiving dinner. I always prefer to wear a dress or skirt, and I know I will be wearing something similar this coming weekend.

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