Style: Fall Favourites

This week I decided to share of my favourite items I added to my closet this Fall. I am sure there are items that I am missing, but I tried my best to include all of my recently purchased items. 

There are a few items that I could find the link to, but I purchased them in store at Hudson's Bay in TopShop. One of them is a beautiful Camel Wool Coat, the other is the top shown above, which is a cropped sweater that has scalloped sleeves and neck.


The below pieces are perfect for that transitional period! They have worked really well this fall when the days are still warm, but I don't want to wear summery clothes!

Cute Casual:

These again are more transitional pieces, but with a more casual flare to them. I really love mixing these skirts with long sleeves and sweaters. Also, the accessories are a nice way to add a warmer and cute layer. The scarf is amazing because it is reversible and looks really classy. As soon as I saw this in stores I had to buy it!

A lot of my more casual and warmer items are form the new CORE Life collection at Hudson's Bay and they are the Fall closet staples. I have been layering them together and with other items! Also love the packable down vest! It zips into a little bag in the pocket, which is perfect to throw in a purse and layer under a coat or over a sweater. 



While I have a partnership with the Hudson's Bay, all of these items are chosen by me because I truly love them!

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