Friday Favourites: Pink Halloween

After visiting Peggy Porschen this summer, I eagerly follow their account to see their decor and sweet changes per season. If you don't follow them on instagram, you definitely should! They cute Fall display is what inspired this Fall Halloween theme this week!
PATSALEJA — Peggy Porschen Cakes

Favourite Party Inspiration:
Party table from a Trick or Treat in Halloween Party on Kara's Party Ideas | (26)
I could definitely get behind a cute pink themed halloween party! Love the little ghost cookies. There are surprisingly a large number of Pink Halloween/Fall party ideas!

Favourite Recipe:
Brushstroke Ghost Halloween Cake
Brushstroke Ghost Halloween Cake from
This cake is so cute! I don't think it would be very hard to make the ghosts, and if you follow my diy for a Naked cake, or another recipe on Pinterest, you could easily make this cake!! 

pink brain mousse in chocolate skulls
White Chocolate Skulls with Brains from
I couldn't pick just one, and this diy chocolate would be so delicious and perfect for a pink themed halloween treat!

Favourite Costume:
20+ Food Halloween Costumes for Adults 2018 - Funny Food Costume Ideas—
Best Food Halloween Costumes via
How cute is this though!? Love the little balloon bubbles!

Favourite DIY: 
Girlboss / Design / Tips  Halloween pumpkin ideas.
Photo via Pinterest
Aside from it being really hard to carve that many little cats, this is so cute and I would do it if I could!!! Maybe I can just paint little pink and white cats on my pumpkin.

Favourite Decor:
Pink Halloween, Halloween Wreath, Skeleton Decor by Ba Bam Wreaths
Photo via Pinterest
This is such a cute glam wreath for halloween! I think you could easily make this with a trip to Michael's or the dollar store!

Favourite Beauty:
Pink and Black Halloween Nail Design.
Pretty Pink Nail Designs from
Had to throw in a cute little pink halloween nail inspo! Love the little spider webs and I would definitely try this!

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