Holiday Gift Guides

Today, I am sharing some of my favourite stocking stuffers and gift ideas for that special lady in your life! Whether it is a friend, daughter or significant other, I have highlighted some of my favourite ideas. These items are all different price ranges for all budgets. Also, I categorized the gift guide into Fitness, Beauty, Travel, Home and Fashion ideas. All of these ideas are things that I personally own myself or would absolutely love to receive myself!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2018

Sharing all of the best Pre Black Friday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and codes all in one place! I will keep this up to date through the long weekend as I know many sales will continue to be added leading up to Black Friday, and through to Cyber Monday!

Holiday Wallpapers

I am totally one of those people who changes their phone wallpapers according to the season, and because everyone seemed to love my fall phone wallpapers from last year, I thought I would share some of my favourite holiday themed wallpapers!
Click the links below the photo for the full size photo, and to check out the other cool wallpapers by these artists and bloggers. 

Some of these photos were collected on Pinterest, but there was no source. If this is your photo, or you know the source, please please let me know so I can give credit to them!

Advent Calendar Roundup 2018

I am rounding up all of the Advent Calendars that I could find this year!
I am sure that there are many more I have missed, but these seemed to be the most popular from previous years! These are mostly beauty advent calendars, but I did mix in a few extras!

I will be sharing an unboxing videos on Instagram for the Glossy box and L'Occitane advent calendars! Even if you couldn't get one this year, if you like any of these advent calendars, you can make a note for next year!

Also, I want to note that Glossy Box sent me their advent calendar as a gift and I did purchase the L'Occitane advent from The Bay as I have a partnership with them, however the options are my own.

Beauty: Native

Something amazing about being a blogger and influencer is when you get the chance to work with brands you love and stand behind. While I always make a point of only working with brands I love, one brand that has made a large change in my life over the last year is Native. My mum and sister first introduced me to the brand last year as we have all made a change to use more natural product, and switch from antiperspirant to deodorant. If anyone has ever made this switch before, you know it can be challenging to find a product that you love. I have tried numerous aluminium- free deodorants through the years, but finally I found one that worked amazing! I will write more about my switch to deodorant below, but I really want to introduce you to a new product line that Native just launched, which has also made a big impact on my life. 

Friday Favourites: Subtle Winter Whites

While everyone may not be ready to embrace Christmas, I definitely am!
I tried to hold off a little bit this year, but with all of the Christmas planning I have been doing, I just couldn't help myself!
I decided to start subtle with simple Christmas decor. I think this style can be left as is, or in a few weeks, you can add more reds, greens and twinkly lights!

Favourite Decor:
Hello! Each Wednesday I share some of the photos that stopped me in my tracks while I was scrolling Instagram the previous week. Here are this week’s picks: 1. @Birdie_Farm: What is it about three twin beds lined up in a row?  Such a cute bunk room! 2. @OurFauxFarmhouse: The chalkboard with the potted evergreens- so …
I love this farmhouse style decor! It is really subtle, but beautiful! I also ordered myself a cute Christmas sign like this from a local vendor! So excited to pick it up!