Patios & Gardens

Summer is finally here and I have been spending so much time out on the terrace. Dreaming about having a backyard and a home one day, and the amazing dinning parties I could have!
There are so many incredible styles and different ways you can design a backyard, patio, garden or summer house. These are a few of my favourite spaces, and if you click the source link there are many more beautiful pictures on those websites!

Please note that none of these images are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.

Conservatories and Garden Rooms from

Saturday at Parkwood Estate

Over the weekend, I visited a beautiful estate for lunch and photos with a friend. I shared clips of this on Instagram in my stories and got lots of questions, so I wanted to share more details with you because it was beautiful! Also, if you're reading this, you are getting a sneak peek at the photos because I don't have then scheduled to be posted on Instagram for a few more days!

Friday Favourites: Terracotta and Peach

Happy Friday!
Seriously ready for the weekend. I don't know if it was the rainy weather on Thursday or what, but I took a two hour nap before getting up, writing this post, and going to bed. Wild Thursday night!!
I am finally finished my assignments at the end of my school term, and have a two week break! 
I am ready for a busy but fun weekend instead of focusing on assignments and that is always a nice break. Enjoy my favourites from this week!

Favourite Table Setting:
Terracotta and peach for a fall barn wedding from
I adore the colours in this table setting, but the link also had me dreaming about a terracotta and peach fall wedding because isn't that the sweetest idea!? I love themes, any theme ... I love them so I couldn't help but share this one. 

4th of July

As promised in my Canada Day post - an Independence Day post!
Again, like the other post, this is mostly food because everyone loves to celebrate with good food, and its even better when its themed! I think these ideas would be amazing to celebrate with whether you're relaxing or attending or throwing a party over the long weekend!
Here are some of the best ideas I came across.

Canada Day

The long Canada Day weekend is coming up and I thought ti was the perfect time to share some ideas to celebrate over the weekend!
These might be mostly food - but who doesn't love to eat, especially when there is a reason to celebrate! There is also a cute printable banner at the bottom of the post. I just might print it out and hang it up at the cottage for the weekend.
Also, if you're reading this and American ... stay tuned because I have a 4th of July post coming tomorrow.
Canada Day Beaver Tails from

Beauty: Urban Skincare Routine

A few weeks ago I got an interesting question in my Instagram messages.
Urban Skincare. Anti-Pollution Skincare.
While I live in a city, this is not something I had a great answer to, so of course I did a little research.
Since this is something I think we should all think about, especially considering many of us live in urban settings, I wanted to share what I found!

Friday Favourites: Summer Florals

Happy Friday and Happy Raptors win and Happy New Taylor Swift song - so many things to be excited about this weekend. Especially if you are a Toronto fan and Taylor fan!
My post is sadly not themes around Raptors and Taylor Swift, but it is very summery and floral, so I am hoping this encourages the weather a little bit!
I have a weekend of final assignments to pump out and took Friday off to work on them... oh well, can't win them all! Next weekend I will be free for two weeks so I have that to look forward to!

Favourite Setting:
AphroChic: Stylish Ideas For A Summer Picnic
Stylish Ideas for a Summer Picnic from via Pinterest
This is the cutest little garden tent of my dreams! This would be such a lovely spot to spend a sunny afternoon reading and having really lovely treats. I am sure kids would absolutely adore this as well!

Design: Porcelain Print

Porcelain Print, Blue & White print, Chinoiserie - there are many ways to describe this beautiful pattern and it has been on my mind a lot lately. 
The Porcelain print has been popping up a lot in fashion and decor lately and I love it. I was planning this post yesterday and on my way home from work I stumbled upon some beautiful porcelain print H&M clothing pieces and couldn't help myself. I thought it was funny how strong this theme was stuck in my mind!
If you are looking for more inspirations, last year I wrote a Farmhouse Inspirations post and at the bottom is more beautiful blue and white porcelain print images.
Please note that none of these images are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.
Decorating with Blue and White Ceramics from

Weekend Lilac Love

When I started my new blog post schedule, I had full intentions of Monday's being Fashion/Beauty, Wednesday's being Home/DIY/Baking. However, only two weeks in, here I am changing things up. It is for a good reason, I promise. If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember over the weekend, I shared that I was at the cottage and I was smelling the beautiful Lilac trees. Well, inspiration took over and with help, I clipped a bunch of Lilacs that were hanging over the fence onto the road and filled a beautiful basket bag ... and now you will see the beautiful outcome! Many of these will pop up on my instagram over the next two weeks, but if you're a blog reader, you'll get a little peek before everyone else! Also, I am posting some videos of the Lilacs to my instagram stories so head over there for more content.
Also, at the very end, I made one of the images I took into a phone wallpaper, so if you are a Lilac Tree enthusiast (or a hunter boots enthusiast) like me, you can use this image as a wallpaper!

Friday Favourites: Lemon Lovin'

This week seems to have flown by and I can't wait to be up at the cottage!
I mentioned this on Instagram, but if you missed it, I have been working on a special project and I am styling and shooting the content for it this weekend!
This week I have been looking online at real estate in the area that my boyfriend and I love. We technically shouldn't be looking for another year - but no harm in being educated and dreaming. Every time I find a new house I love, I start planning in my mind how I would renovate. What it would look like in 10 years and 20 years and the dream renovations that I would complete!
I can't wait for the day that I get to buy a home and share the whole renovation progress with you, but until then, we can dream through my favourites this week.

Favourite Table Setting:
I am not sure if this is my favourite table setting or just atmosphere in general. This is such a cute little garden set up and the home in the background looks gorgeous with the build in fireplace!

Design: Cottage Style

Two weeks in a row! I'm sticking with the schedule and so excited about it. I think Wednesdays are my favourite because it is my chance to let you dive inside my decor and design brain! I am always planning, scheming and dreaming up new spaces all of the time. Since we are entering into cottage season, I thought I would share some of my favourite inspirations from Pinterest. I am so excited to build my own cottage one day after growing up with a cottage, I hope I can continue this through my life with my own unique designs.
I hope you enjoy my design musings this week!
  Please note that none of these images are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.

Family Room:

Cape Code Inspired Home from

Style: What's New in my Wardrobe, May

Hello June! In Toronto it may not be as warm as we were hoping for but I am starting the month off with a new blog schedule and the first Monday of the month I am planning to share all of the new items in my wardrobe.
Due to the chillier weather, I haven't been as inspired to purchase as much for Spring/Summer!
Sharing some of the items I've purchased and I've been trying to buy more basic tops for work so I listed those below for you as well!

*Note some affiliate links are used below*

Friday Favourites: For the love of Stripes

I have always been a long time lover of blue and white stripes. I don't even mean to pick things with a blue and white stripe pattern but sure enough, I will end up with 10 tabs open, at least half are, you guessed it, blue and white striped items! This clearly happened this week in a different way, my Pinterest board of favourites did the same thing to me this week. 

Favourite Style:
I have been obsessing over this look. Seriously, I sat down to write this post and ended up 20 tabs deep trying to recreate this look! I did manage to do this, but you'll have to come back on Monday for my new series "What's New in my Wardrobe" that I will now be posting on the first Monday of each month! 

Design: Chic Scandinavian Style

I always start Pinterest boards with a concept of theme that surrounds them, but they are secret boards that I don't share with the public. I've decided that I am going to start sharing themed posts with my favourites from these boards. I will try and share at least one of these posts a month, but since design is a passion of mine, I may get carried away and share more. The first is a chic Scandinavian theme that I saved for a friends new space.
This is a collection of my favourite images from this style that I would use for inspiration if I were decorating my home! Please note that none of these images are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.

Friday Favourites: Summer Earth Tones

I have once again been slacking on blog posts, but if you follow me on Instagram, you know I just had eye surgery last month, so this is more legitimate. However, today I sat down and planned out a blog post schedule that I think I might be able to manage!? I received a message this week from a reader asking a question but also words of encouragement - so here I am using that as motivation!
These are a few of my favourites from this week and stay turned for more posts coming soon!

Favourite Table Setting:
Vintage Meets Festival Vibes from Green Wedding Shoes
I am loving the dried feeds, feathers and natural elements being used in decor right now! I have seen this so much in even decor and home decor and I think it is perfect. I love the blush tones and light wood in addition to the natural elements in this event set up, and it reminds me so much of @Amberfillerup's home decor!

Beauty Bag Favourites

With the Sephora sale open to all Beauty Insiders, I wanted to share my full skincare and make up routine! The sale is running until May 6th, and Beauty Insiders receive 10% at Sephora, VIB receive 15%  and Rouge receive 20% off. I will put all of the details below!
If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email me or send me a message on Instagram @emscourtney
Please note affiliate links are being used in this post!

Benefits of Silk Pillowcases

With the Spring Sephora sale coming up, I wanted to share an honest review of one of my favourite things! I bought two silk pillowcases at Christmas for my boyfriend and I to use and we absolutely love them. They note only feel nice, but they have some incredible benefits that I have been noticing. When you research about silk pillowcases there are mixed reviews, but I honestly share my options and how much I love them! 

Style: Favourite Spring 2019 Trends

I know there are many many incredible Spring Fashion trends, but I wanted to share some of my favourite trends that I have seen popping up all over, working from head to toe!

Friday Favourites: Easter Florals

It seems like this year is flying by! We are already in April planning for Easter dinner and dreaming about Spring. I am feeling very jealous as I watch the UK and parts of the US with their blooming flowers and trees! I don't think we will see that in Toronto until May.
Until then, we can dream about all of these pretty favourites inspired by Easter & Florals!

Favourite Table Setting:
Nature themed Easter tablescape with pink and gold accents.
Pink and Green Easter Table from
This is such a beautiful table setting that is definitely inspiring my Easter table setting plans! I love the whimsical little bunny plates with flowers.

Travel: Oahu, Hawaii

Fresh off the plane from Oahu, Hawaii, I wanted to share all of the activities we did while on vacation, as well as a few other things that were on my list that we didn't get to.

Sugar Cookies

I have always loved Sugar cookies and I was inspired by some cute heart cookies I saw recently with gold flakes. I decided to give it a try myself! The picture's don't show it - but there is gold glitter dust and tiny silver heart sprinkled all over these!

Love Day Wallpapers

I know everyone loves when I share wallpapers so I thought I would share a few Valentine's desktop and phone wallpapers to enjoy!

free Valentine's Day abstract watercolor heart iPhone or Android phone background wallpaper     

Click the links below the photo for the full size photo and to check out the other cool wallpapers by these amazing artists and bloggers. 

Some of these photos were collected on Pinterest, but there was no source. If this is your photo, or you know the source, please please let me know so I can give credit to them!

Galentine's Party Inspiration

I couldn't help myself but share all of these incredible Galentine's Day Party/Brunch/Tea ideas! I have to host one of these next year. A holiday surrounded by pink and sweets sounds like the perfect time to celebrate with a cute girly event!Valentine's Party with ombre flowers and a DIY xoxo table runner I Photography: Gillian Ellis Photography
Valentine's Styled Shoot from

Style: Chic & Snowy Look

I captured this magical snowy moment over the weekend and couldn't help but share it with you!
The outfit details are all linked at the end of the post.

Friday Favourites: Pink in Love

It's almost February and I was feeling all of the pink and love day inspirations this week! The weather has been so grey so hopefully this will life your mood as much as it lifted mine!
Since it's not quite February, I wanted to start off slow with the Valentine's theme and stick to blush pinks.
Have an amazing weekend!

Favourite Decor:
millennial-pink-bedroom-design-master-bedroom-ideas-interior-design-modern-bedroom millennial-pink-bedroom-design-master-bedroom-ideas-interior-design-modern-bedroom
Parisian Chic Blush Pink Bedroom from
I adore the ruffles and pink! If only I could convince my boyfriend

Friday Favourites: Winter Whites

It has been a busy few weeks! I have been trying really hard to get more blog posts out but it is really challenging! Luckily I have written a list of ideas and hopefully that will help keep me on track!
I attended an event this morning and decided to wear a chunky oversizes sweater and white pants, so naturally this post is inspired by the love of winter whites.

Favourite Decor:
My Favorite Pins of the Week + Weekend Sale Alerts - Beautiful white kitchen with woven pendants and vintage runner | Marianne Simon Design
I love the mix of rustic elements tied in with beautiful marble and brass in this kitchen. It is so stunning and I know someone who would love this!

How to Stay Chic but Warm this Winter

Winters in the city can be very very cold, and whether you are our running errands, on your way to and from work or looking your best for a dinner out, I am sharing some essentials that I have in my wardrobe to stay warm and stylish during the winter.

Cozy Weekend Essentials

It's freezing in Toronto right now and all I can think about is cozying up this weekend and staying in from the cold. 
Sharing some of the ways I enjoy a cozy weekend at home, including some of my new and old favourites. All links to the items shown are listed at the end of the post!