Friday Favourites: Thanksgiving Weekend

It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and it is always my favourite time of the year. Since I was little, we would go up to the cottage, go for walks in the crisp fall air with the colourful fall leaves. Then, come back to the cozy cottage with the fire going, maybe have something delicious with tea, and also enjoy a thanksgiving dinner! I am really looking forward to it and wanted to some some of my inspiration and favourites from this week.
fall porch, Colorful Farmhouse Fall Porch Steps
Colourful Fall Porch Steps from
We are only at the cottage this weekend and next, so maybe this is crazy, but I reallllly want to do something cute like this on the porch! I love this so much.

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

Ever since I was a little girl, setting the table for big family dinners was always a favourite job of mine. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter ... I love pouring my creativity into it!
 I wanted to share all of my favourites from this year that are inspiring my ideas for my Thanksgiving table setting!
The creators of these beautiful table settings are cited below each photo. Also, in most cases there are even more photos and details if you click the link below the photo.
As always with these type of inspiration posts, please note that none of these images are my own and all of the sources are linked below each image.
Elegant, Neutral Thanksgiving Table Decor: get the best tips for creating a gorgeous, elegant Thanksgiving table SIMPLY with this video tutorial!
Image via

Thanksgiving Looks

Over the weekend I took a little trip out of the city to Knox Pumpkin Farm in Clarington, which is about 25 minutes from where I grew up. I shot lots of different looks to share with you over the next little while. While putting this post together, I realized there are a lot of cute outfits that would be perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner because in Canada, it is this coming weekend!
I have shared 3 different looks below, as well I have linked all of the items for you. 
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Friday Favourites: Maple Pie

It's a beautiful crisp fall Friday in Toronto! I don't think we have quite adjusted yet as the weather has been flip flopping around, but I think I got the memo and wore a cozy sweater to work today. I need to do a little bit of a wardrobe check for my coats though, I may be in need of a new one for fall! I am also dying to get a tan/camel leather bag and I am having so much trouble finding something I like. 
I feel like tomorrow I will be running all over the place. I am heading to a cute pumpkin farm, having a cute fall morning, then back to Toronto to meet a friend for tea and making dinner for a little dinner party we are having! 
I hope you have something lovely planned to celebrate fall, or prep for Canadian Thanksgiving!

Favourite Table Setting:
In honour of thanksgiving, and my cute little dinner party tomorrow, I had to share this cute little set up! I hadn't really thought about making the table cute for saturday as the dinner is a little unplanned, but now I am definitely doing something cute, so if you follow me on Instagram, check my stories and I will share the cute set up!

New Project Home Inspirations

I just started working on a new project and it is my biggest to date!
While we aren't quite at the stage of picking out furniture or these sort of details, I have started musing. I've mentioned it before, sometimes I just start pinning things to Pinterest boards, and then realize that I have a theme building. While I have no idea if this style will work for the project at this point, I can still daydream about it until we move on to that stage. 
As always with these type of inspiration posts, please note that none of these images are my own and all of the sources are linked below each image.
Image from via Pinterest

Outfits to Wear with Hunter Boots

I got my first pair of Hunter Boots in Grade 12 and have loved wearing them through every season, but Fall is always my favourite. The combination of pants, skirts and dresses always wins my heart so I wanted to share some of my favourite looks with Hunter Boots!

Please note that none of these images below are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.

Fall Treats to Inspire

I have finally made it to the little break in-between my terms for courses and I always end up baking way more during that time!  Of course, I had to round up all of my favourite recipes that I have pinned and hope to try through my break and fall. I always think of crisp fall weekends at the cottage. Baking something delicious to have after a walk, with a hot cup of tea. I hope this inspires you to do a little fall baking, or gives you a head start on Thanksgiving weekend baking ideas.  I split this post up into Pumpkin and Apple recipes so you can easily pick through them. 
Please note that none of these images are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.
Caramel Apple Dutch Baby
Click here for more food photography!.
Caramel Apple Dutch Baby from

Weekend Style: Apple Picking

A month or more ago, I made plans with a good friend for our second annual fall day.
We went to some really cute farms in the Durham region where I grew up and we had such an amazing time we wanted to do it again,
Sadly, our favourite farm changed their opening weekend to a week later. We went to two other farms and no pumpkins! It was so sad! 
We made the best of our fall day and went Apple picking. It was such a fun little outing for us and we left with a humungous bag of apples.
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Friday Favourites: Pumpkin Waffles

Dreaming about the perfect Fall weekend!
Sadly, my plans this weekend were switched around a little bit, but I think I still have some nice Fall plans. I am also planning my perfect fall festival weekend and thinking up all of the recipes and things I want to do. I can't wait! I have also been toying with the idea of sending out a newsletter, maybe monthly? Just and idea... we shall see!

Favourite Table Setting:
Fall Farmhouse Table via
I am dreaming about the perfect thanksgiving table settings. I love all of the natural colours and autumn orange. I also think I need to get some wooden candle stick holders!!

Home: Art Prints

Over the last month I have been working on updating my space a little more!
I was looking for the perfect art pieces to make the space feel like home and found exactly what I was looking for at!
Also, if you read right to the end, I have a little tip to help pick your art for your space.
The items in this post were gifted to me by Minted, however all of the thoughts are my own.
*Affiliate links are used in this post*

Style: Fall Inspiration

At the start of every season, I take a walk through my wardrobe to rediscover all of the items I have.
I pick through all of the fall items from previous years, decide if I should keep or donate items. I also check through other seasons items to see if anything works for Fall. I know I have a few skirts or neutral dresses that I can layer with sweaters! 
After that, I look for inspiration, see if I need to add any new items to my wardrobe for the season.
Here are some of my favourite inspirations for this upcoming season.

*Please note I do not own any of these photos and all of the sources are linked below. If you are the owner of a photo and it is not correctly linked, please reach out to me via email, and I would be happy to fix it!*
Casual jeans outfit for spring

Friday Favourites: Apple Harvest

H A P P Y  F R I D A Y !
I feel like this week went by quickly, but I am still excited for it to be the weekend! As I was writing this post, things got even more exciting as a fire alarm went off. There I was in a panic on what to do in a real emergency, so in classic fashion, I grabbed the most important thing - Lily and quickly went down millions of stairs. Luckily it was a false alarm, but nothing like a little excitement on a Thursday evening! This cool weather is so lovely and inspiring for Fall. If you have been reading my recent posts, I had my first fall shoot last weekend with some transitional outfits, and I have a few more plans the next few weekends! I hope you have something lovely planned.

Favourite Design:
Fall Console Table with Three Different Looks from
I love little styled area like this. I have been working on my apartment and its so inspiring to see all of the little details. I love the layers of items, different colours, textures and sizes.

Cozy Log House

This cute log house gives me all of the cozy autumn vibes so I had to share it with you!
This was a lodge that we stayed at during our trip out West. I believe it was recently renovated and it is gorgeous!

Transitional Summer to Fall Looks

ChicWish kindly gifted me a few items to style this month and I am so excited! All of the items I picked work perfect from the Summer to Fall transition and right into Fall! 
* The following post contains affiliate links *

Travel: Banff & Kelowna

If you've been following along on instagram, you'll know that I've been away in Alberta/BC for a week driving all over the place. I wanted to share all of the things I did and my recommendations! I also listed out all of my "general" tips at the bottom!

Friday Favourites: Crisp Autumn Colours

I am back from my trip to Alberta/BC and not only was the air crisp in Banff area, but it is way cooler in the Toronto area too! I think true Fall weather is coming much sooner than it has in the past, and I am 100% okay with it! I am loving all of the fall colours right now at home, fashion and in beauty - just look at the nail polish colour in this post, so dreamy!
I am slowly adding some Fall decor to my home and I have a few Fall themed shoots planned for this month.
Thankfully it has been a short week, but I am still welcoming the weekend with open arms - have an amazing one!

Favourite Design:
Rustic Fall Entryway from
Okay. I might have a problem. With entryways. I swear I keep sharing these with you but I just can't help myself. SO CUTE.

20 Amazon Farmhouse Decor Finds

I couldn't help but share some of my newest Amazon finds! Most of these items are available on Amazon Prime and they are so cute, whether for a Farmhouse style space, or even Fall decor items!
*Please note there are affiliate links in this post*

Fall Phone Wallpapers

I know I love seasonal phone wallpapers and based on my blog stats so does everyone else, so here are a few of my favourites below!
Check out all of the wonderful artists and their other work, credited below each photo.
Note: I have updated the post from the last few years to include some of my favourites from this year as well!
Photo from  @emscourtney featuring @lilythemeow and iPhone wallpaper from

Travel: Packing

I am heading on a trip this week so I thought it is the perfect opportunity to share how I packed for a week in my carry on and the method I used to fit a lot in my suitcase in an organized way.

Friday Favourites: Apple Cider Chai

Fall is coming in full force. After the long weekend Fall it is going to explode all over my blog. Gilmore Girls. Pumpkins. Coziness. 
I found some amazing fashion, beauty, baking and home inspo this weekend on Pinterest and it will definitely have you thinking about Fall!
I hope you have an amazing weekend - soak in the last of summer!

Favourite Design:
Anne of Green Gables Pillow Cover (and Image) from
I am reallllly getting into the mood for fall. I love the fairytale pumpkins. I need more of these this year, and the Anne of Green Gables pillow and sign are so cute.

Gleaming Primrose Mirror in Canada

If you have ever dreamed of owning this gorgeous mirror, keep reading (even if you live in Canada, because I found a way to get it)!!
I planned on doing a proper post for this, taking beautifully styled photos and all, but I had to share this with you today and just couldn't wait.
Please note the following post features affiliate links.
Slide View: 9: Gleaming Primrose Mirror
Gleaming Primrose Mirror from Anthropologie

Home: Fall Decor Inspirations

I don't think I realized how much I want Fall until Pinterest starting filling with Fall home decor, and I looked through my Fall content from last year.
It's like an itch for Fall. I am ready for fall candles, crisp air, sweaters... replaying Gilmore Girls for the millionth time. 
These are my favourite home inspirations for Fall so far and I am dreaming about a charming old house in a cute small town - like Stars Hollow if you catch the reference!
Farmhouse Fall Porch Steps from

Nectarine Picking

This past weekend I was in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I took Friday off from work to enjoy a little weekend getaway of Shaw plays, afternoon tea, Niagara Falls and Nectarine/Peach picking! That is also the reason why I missed posting my favourites from last week! I promise I'll make up for it this week.

Wood Bead Garland DIY

A few weeks ago I made one of those cute wood bead garlands that are popping up all over home decor right now. If you have ever looked into buying one, they can be expensive, and I found especially in Canada, the shipping doubled the price! 
These make a great decor item for you home, a nice gift or even housewarming gift.
Please note the following post features affiliate links.

Apartment Refresh Project Reveal

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s Canada, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

A little while ago I mentioned that I was going to be working on an apartment refresh to show you how you can make a big impact for less. For a long time, I have wanted to change the wall colour of our space and make a few other changes to freshen up the space.

When my boyfriend and I moved into our space, the walls were a yellowy-cream colour and had been freshly painted. Rather than rushing to change anything, we lived with it for two years. Also, a few other items in our space had taken the back seat, so we decided it was time for a change!

Dîner en Blanc, Toronto 2019

Ever New kindly invited Tiffany and I to be their guests at  Dîner en Blanc Toronto! They dressed us in stunning white dresses & accessories from Ever New, and we had the most incredible time!
If you remember, last year I attended Dîner en Blanc in Paris last year, and because I loved it so much, I definitely couldn't pass up the opportunity to attend in Toronto this year!
All photograph's in this post were taken by the amazing @jessilynnwongphotography.

Friday Favourites: Pralines & Cream

Another week of Summer gone! This week has seemed especially short because of the long weekend and I've been a ball of stress and anxiety!! Does anyone ever have those weeks where there are just set off by anything and everything - because that is me right now! Trying to plan trips, work on my thesis, work on my apartment project, figure out how to ship things to buffalo  for pick up and make sure they get there on time (which it looks like they wont)! I'm trying to order two different items that won't ship to Canada and shipping to Buffalo and picking it up seems like the only option sadly!
In any case! Here are 4 of my favourites from this week, one less than usual but I think we can cope with 4 just for this week. 

Favourite Design:
Bedroom Reveal from 
This space is gorgeous and calming and that art print is so pretty! I just ordered a bunch of prints online so I have been scouting out my favourites all week. Can't wait to reveal them soon!

All White Party Inspiration

I am heading to Dîner en Blanc tonight, and with the excitement of the event - I was dreaming up white party ideas and inspirations. I am so excited to see all of the gorgeous table settings, the venue and all of the outfits! I was able to attend Dîner en Blanc in Paris last year and it was an amazing event, so I am very excited to be able to attend in Toronto this year. 
In case you are thinking of hosting an all white party with all white decor, even add specs of gold or whatever you like, these inspirations are stunning!
Please note that none of these images are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.
Retrieved from

My New Go-To Swimsuit from Summersalt

A little while ago Summersalt kindly gifted me one of their swimsuits and a cover-up.
This past weekend I had a chance to try it out of the cottage!
While this swimsuit and cover-up were gifted to me, the opinions are all my own.
Also, please note that this post includes affiliate links.
Click the following link to view the one-piece I'm wearing above: Summersalt, The Sidestroke.

Friday Favourites: Long Weekend Vibes

It's the August long weekend and we are heading up to the cottage!
While I will likely be chained to my desk working on my thesis, at least it is a change of scenery and I can take breaks and enjoy the water! I hope you have more exciting plans than me!!
All of these gorgeous favourites from this week are definitely goals - what I wish I was doing, wearing, eating and more. I hope you enjoy them!

Decor: Dorm Room

I know a few people who are heading into first year of university this coming Fall and the rush of emotions and excitement came back. I of course was so excited to decorate my dorm room (we called them residence rooms). While I was in first year a long time ago - I do have a video that I made of a little room tour!! It seems so funny now, and I would do a million things differently, but I thought I would show you here.
I hope you enjoy all of these inspirations! I also linked some essentials and other items from Amazon below! I will also try to make a product list of the best things to buy for your dorm soon!
Please note that none of these images are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.
37 The Best Sunroom Ideas That Can Be Enjoyed With Family #bestsunroom #bestsunroomideas #sunroomenjoyedwithfamily ⋆

Beauty: Invisibobble Hack

I think many of us have used invisibobble traceless hair rings, or something similar because they are known to be better for your hair. They are more gentle on your hair stopping breaks and they don't leave a ponytail kink - or in my case, less of a kink. 
After a while, these hair rings stretch out and fall out much easier, but I found an amazing hack that helps with this!

Friday Favorites: Bookcases & Blackberries

Another summer week gone! It truly feels like they are flying by and I am feeling the pressure to create Fall content. Yes, you read that right. Fall content. It isn't even August and I feel that pressure. I think last year I had a Fall burnout too early, so I don't want to do that this year, but many creators are talking about it already... we'll see. I think we are all enjoying the current situation with summer and all, so I shall keep it going!
We are staying home this weekend and hoping to make some strides with my latest home decor and refresh project, which I will most definitely be sharing with you soon. 

Favourite Design:
I love bookcase styling and have a whole board dedicated to it on Pinterest. This is just so satisfying to look at. The colouring and different textures is beautiful! Definite goals. 

Boho Chic Room

I am so excited to share this Boho Chic Room project that I recently worked on at the cottage. I wanted to share the full process with you from the before photos, inspiration images, items I purchased and the after photos!
I recently had the absolute pleasure of working with Sico paints on a project to colour up my life! While this was a paid partnership with them on Instagram, and I did not have to share it with you on my blog - I really wanted to because I loved it so much! This post and opinions are all my own. There are also affiliate links in this post. 

Home: Decluttering

Well... this wasn't the post I planned for today, but I forgot I had a massage scheduled last night so my night took a different turn than intended. Long story short, there might be a bonus post this week! I really wanted to stay true to my blog schedule and do a home post today so I added this post in to bring a little home content. 

Beauty: Safe Sunscreen

Maybe I live under a rock - but this is a topic I have never thought much about. It might be because I live in the city and don't go on hot vacations much, but reef safe sunscreen is such an important and interesting topic. Even though I am not near a coral reef, I still think about natural in general, such as the lakes and rivers at the cottage. These are all things that we could be harming with the chemicals that are in our sunscreen. While, at the same time, sunscreen it incredibly important to us! We need to protect our skin from the harmful rays. This is when I came across the topic of reef safe sunscreens, and what isn't safe about normal sunscreens.

Friday Favourites: Natural Shades and Ice Cream Days

One of my favourite things about creating these Friday Favourites posts is that sometimes my inspirations from the week fit together seamlessly. The theme flows, the photos look like they belong together on a gallery wall or a cohesive feed and they give me the big yes. The kind of yes where you know that: this. is. it.
I feel like this week dragged on a big and I didn't have as much energy as I would have liked. I started going for fitness walks after work and eating healthier this week... the 80/20 rule because I obviously needed to fit tea and sweets into it. I also started back in my design courses last week, so week 2! This term I have my first thesis course and the other course is about codes and regulations. I might share a little more about my thesis as it develops - we'll see. However, keep your eye peeled because I am going to share a dedicated post about my chic pink boho themed cabin next week!

Cherry Red by Anastasiya Belik from 
If you need me - this is where I will be. Or at least dreaming about.

Design: Small Living Spaces

Living in many different student apartments and homes, and now living in Toronto - you realize the importance of maximizing your space and designing small spaces well. I was inspired by the sweet little dining table in the kitchen that popped up on my feed this week and knew what I wanted to share for my Design and Decor Wednesday's! There are truly some amazing tricks out there to maximize space and ensure it flows. Also, many of these photo sources have links attached with great inspiration and tips for designing small spaces!
Please note that none of these images are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.
small space round dining table. Are you looking for a cute little table for a tiny space? Maybe a breakfast nook? I have some ideas for making the area work and a round up of tables. These would work in a tiny house too! And perfect with a bench!
Small Space Dining from At Home With Ashley

Perfect Sunday Morning

I was daydreaming at the cottage this weekend in our sweet little cabin and decided I would share my perfect Sunday morning with you. I wish I could start every single day this way because it is so relaxing and makes you realize you really don't need that much. These mornings are so simple but I love them so much.
White Terry kindly gifted me a set of sheets and duvet cover, so I always wake up in the softest bedding. I have been sleeping with their bedding for the last two months and I absolutely love it! We spend so much time in bed sleeping, about a third of or life in bed! It really puts into perspective how we should have quality bedding. 

Friday Favourites: Summer Berry

Happy Friday! It seems like the summer is just flying by and the weekends are passing so quickly!
It seems like sweet foods have been on my mind lately because I have been baking up a storm, so I could help but have the preview photo for this post be a delicious looking berry pavlova. I great up having Pavlova's but I feel like this is not something that Canadian's (possibly American's too) have for dessert!? Definitely worth trying especially with all of the beautiful fresh summer berries. 
Hoping for a relaxing weekend before my courses pick up again, and I hope you have a great weekend too! Enjoy the sun and beautiful weather!

Favourite Recipe:
Pavlova Cake with Summer Berry Cointreau from
I need this right now. I love pavlova because it is so light and fluffy and topped with fresh fruits. This is truly a perfect summers dessert! It also looks stunning without much effort. 

Design: Dream Home

I have a private board that is very special to me because it is where I save my dream home inspirations. I only created this a few months ago when dreaming about owning a home, but it represents what I love right now, and if I were to buy a home tomorrow, this is the space that would make my heart happiest and feel the most homey to me. 
Living in the city, I have realized many spaces are very modern, clean and chic lines, and it made made realize that is not me. I have such an appreciate for all design, but my heart loves cute English cottages and farmhouses, with chic little touches.
I hope you love these inspirations as much as I do.
Please note that none of these images are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.
Image From Instagram @finding__lovely

Style: What's New in My Wardrobe. June

Hey July! Summer has finally arrived to Toronto area in the last two weeks and I am so happy! I can finally wear my summer dresses without feeling a tiny bit silly!
I'm a week late on this post, but better late than never!
I like to share these to show what I actually kept from mini hauls that I share in my Instagram stories. Sadly a lot of these items are sold out, so to make sure you don't miss out, I always share items on Instagram as I buy them, as well I added a new shopping tab on my blog so you can see what I am loving at the moment!

*Note some affiliate links are used below*
Sadly I found this in store and have not seen it pop up online yet, but I know for a fact they have lots in store still, at least in Toronto! Plus lots of this toile print in other styles.

Friday Favourites: French Country Lavender

This week seems to have a lavender theme - whether it is the plant or the colour, I love it!
If you follow me on Instagram, you saw some behind the scenes lavender field clips from last weekend. You also saw I made those gooey oatmeal cookies I shared in my  Friday Favourites a few weeks back! They were incredible and I highly suggest baking them if you are a more experienced baker...if not the oatmeal cookie recipe step (not the crack pie filling) is simple and delicious!
I hope you have an amazing weekend and that you had a great Canada Day and 4th of July!!
Favourite Design:
French Country Kitchen Inspiration from
I can't stop dreaming about the kitchen I will design for myself one day. I am definitely drawn to a country kitchen style like this gorgeous one!

Design: Pink Palace

For the love of Pink I had to share some of my favourite pink inspired design and decor!
Almost all of these spaces have light interiors with pops of pastel pinks throughout and I love how this create a warm and chic feeling. I also adore how all of these spaces are inspired by different design eras but still use a similar shade of millennial pink and look gorgeous.
I hope you enjoy these are much as I do!
Please note that none of these images are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.

Purple Hill Lavender Farm

Over the weekend I was invited to visit Purple Hill Lavender Farm by the lovely sisters Jessica and Emma who grew up on the stunning property! It was like stepping into a fairytale with rolling hills of lavender, a beautiful house, a little shop in a converted horse barn, a pond, birds chirping - honestly so stunning! 
Follow me to Purple Hill Lavender Farm!

Friday Favourites: Long Weekend

It's the long weekend in Canada and I am so excited for a mini vacation at the cottage!
I took Friday off, so it is 4 full days at the cottage for me, which is truly a break.
I have lots of relaxing, and a few others things planned. Whether you have a long weekend this weekend, or next weekend - or maybe not for a little while, I am wishing you a relaxing weekend!
Can't wait to share what  was up to with you next week.
Until then - here are my favourites from the week, all of which have a relaxing, cottagey theme to them!
Photo via

Patios & Gardens

Summer is finally here and I have been spending so much time out on the terrace. Dreaming about having a backyard and a home one day, and the amazing dinning parties I could have!
There are so many incredible styles and different ways you can design a backyard, patio, garden or summer house. These are a few of my favourite spaces, and if you click the source link there are many more beautiful pictures on those websites!

Please note that none of these images are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.

Conservatories and Garden Rooms from

Saturday at Parkwood Estate

Over the weekend, I visited a beautiful estate for lunch and photos with a friend. I shared clips of this on Instagram in my stories and got lots of questions, so I wanted to share more details with you because it was beautiful! Also, if you're reading this, you are getting a sneak peek at the photos because I don't have then scheduled to be posted on Instagram for a few more days!

Friday Favourites: Terracotta and Peach

Happy Friday!
Seriously ready for the weekend. I don't know if it was the rainy weather on Thursday or what, but I took a two hour nap before getting up, writing this post, and going to bed. Wild Thursday night!!
I am finally finished my assignments at the end of my school term, and have a two week break! 
I am ready for a busy but fun weekend instead of focusing on assignments and that is always a nice break. Enjoy my favourites from this week!

Favourite Table Setting:
Terracotta and peach for a fall barn wedding from
I adore the colours in this table setting, but the link also had me dreaming about a terracotta and peach fall wedding because isn't that the sweetest idea!? I love themes, any theme ... I love them so I couldn't help but share this one.