Holiday Party Looks

I've received so many messages about Holiday Party looks, so I wanted to share a round up of my favourite looks. I linked all of the items below, or where the item is no longer available, I tried to link a similar item.
I hope you enjoy all of the holiday parties and dinners this season. I'd love to see you holiday looks, so please send a photo to me over instagram stories, or even via email!!
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Friday Favourites: Brown Paper Packages

The weather has definitely taken a turn this week in Toronto and is much chillier - so I hope if you live somewhere cold, you have warm and cozy plans this weekend! I can't wait to take you with me this weekend. I am heading somewhere that I expect to be super Christmassy, so if you aren't following me on Instagram, I recommend checking out my stories this weekend here.
Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Favourite Home:
Minimal Holiday Garland from
This whole space is so dreamy! It is 100%in my colour palette, lots of neutrals. I love the simple holiday decor as well!

Chocolate Strawberry Cake

I know so many of you absolutely loved the little cake I made on the weekend so I wanted to share a few more details about it. This is the cake I grew up having so often and is definitely a family classic!
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This Week in Photos...

Another December week in the books! I am so sorry I missed my weekly update last weekend but I caught the worst cold ever at about 8pm on the Wednesday before Black Friday. It seriously hit so quickly, within a half hour it felt like I was super stuffed up. I spent the whole weekend and Monday recovering from the and it put me behind so much!
I hope everyone got some amazing deals on black friday. I finished all of my Christmas shopping and bought myself a few gifts that I will wrap and put under the tree.

Friday Favourites: Ombre Sparklers

Happy Friday Lovebugs!
We are getting closer and closer to Christmas and I feel like it is flying by too quickly. I know that sounds so silly because it's only the beginning of December. I have some fun Christmas weekend plans coming up that I can't wait to share with you. Until then, I wanted to share some of my Pinterest inspirations from this week.

Favourite Home:
I love this little bench and the sweet mix of fabrics they mixed together for the pillows. Such a lovely little holiday nook. 

Gift Guide: For Sleep Lovers

The perfect gift for anyone on your list is the gift of sleep! 
We spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed, so making an investment in sleep, or even gifting sleep is the perfect gift. These items have so many great health benefits and will help you or your loved ones get the best sleep. My personal favourite is the silk pillowcase and sleep mask, which someone gifted me last year and I can't live without now!

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Sleep Country.

Black Friday Sales

Sharing all of the best Pre Black Friday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and codes all in one place! I will keep this up to date through the long weekend as I know many sales will continue to be added leading up to Black Friday, and through to Cyber Monday!
*Please note affiliate links are used in this post. This means that I may make a small commission if you decide to make a purchase from one of the websites below*

Gift Guide: My Favourite Things

Just like Oprah's Favourite things, I wanted to share my favourite items with you. These are items that make incredible gifts and I love them all so much. There are gifts for all budget with prices starting at $20.

Gift Guide: For the Home Decor Lover

My favourite gifts for the home decor lover aka me!
These are some items that I own or would love to own and are perfect to gift a home decor lover this holiday season, or any time of the year! I really hope that this helps you pick a gift that someone will love. This gift guide fits all budgets with gifts ranging from $20+.

Hanging Stockings without a Mantel

I am loving how I styled my space for the holiday season. I was debating getting a electric fireplace but I came up with a better solution that makes a little more sense in my current living situation. I know so many other people struggle with where to put their stockings if they don't have a fireplace mantle so I wanted to share how I did it!
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This Week in Photos...

I am a little late on my post this week but I still wanted to give you my weekly post and also share my new favourite photo from this week.

Friday Favourites: Christmas Tartan

This week has flown by! Finally! I felt like the few weeks before were really dragging on and I am really looking forward to the weekend. Excited to head to some Christmassy things this weekend and I will give a full report on Sunday when I do my weekly recap in photo. 

This week I was clearly obsessing over tartan. All of these photos are so beautiful and holiday inspired with tartan and I love it so much!

Favourite Home:
Red and White Christmas Decorating from
I love the mix of the two different tartans and materials in this photo plus the gorgeous red tree. Check out the rest of the home in the link above. So stunning. 

Gift Guide: For the Homebody

This gift guide may be made for me. I am definitely a homebody and this guide contains some of my personal favourites as well as some items I would absolutely love to receive. This post is all about relaxing and being cozy at home. 

Holiday Decor Amazon Prime Favourites

For those of you who love Amazon Prime as much as me, I had to share some of my favourite Christmas Amazon Prime finds! There are so many items online so I have tried my best to highlight some of my favourites. Gearing up for more gift guides and similar posts in the coming weeks!
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This Week in Photos...

Another week in the books! It truly feels like time is flying by. I also feel like I’m playing catch up with Christmas and I’ve been trying to pinpoint why that is! I think because we received a pretty early snow in Toronto, it put everyone in the holiday spirit. I think so many people put up decorations early, and I am starting Christmas content a week or two earlier than I normally do, and planning to do it even earlier next year. I hope you are excited for my new Christmas content and adventures that are coming out. I have continued to show them off in my stories on Instagram as well as some cooking and baking, which you have been loving! This is the last of the Fall and San Francisco content and I ended with my favourite photo in the convertible Camaro we rented in California.

Friday Favourites: Holiday Green

After what seems like one of the longest weeks, we finally made it to Friday! I don't know if it is waking up to darkness and getting home to darkness, or the early snow this year but I feel exhausted. This felt like such a long week and I am ready for some rest this weekend. Even though, I am pretty positive I won't rest and it will end up being busy! I still have some more holiday decor to sort out. Anyone else?!
I hope you enjoy these holiday greens that inspired me this week. I love how classy it looks at home and as fashion for the holiday season!

Favourite Home:
Image found on Pinterest via Instagram
This space is so unique and gorgeous. I love the space even before the gorgeous Christmas decor is added! Though, I also love the blue and green mix of decor!

DIY Christmas Decor

I have always had a love for DIY projects and around the holidays it is so nice to add personal touches through DIY's to your home or even to gifts. These are some of my favourite ideas I have come across and I am hoping to try many of these this holiday season.
Below each image is a link to the DIY and image source.

Please note that I do not own any of these photos. The image sources are linked below the image.
Such a fun Christmas countdown idea using an old window pane and dry erase markers! Love the boxwood wreath and old truck too! #easydecorations #christmasdecor #christmascountdown #countdowntochristmas

Cozy Holiday Pjs

I absolutely love Christmas pjs so I had to share some of my 2019 favourites. I am pretty positive that all of these are under $50 and some are as low as $8. If you see a set that you love, but only want the pants - chances are that the retailer sells just the pants, vice versa! 
At the bottom of each image you will find a list of numbers that will take you to the retailers site to buy the pjs are check out more details. There is a mixture of cotton, spandex, fleece and flannel pjs so I hope there is something for everyone. Also, many of these retailers sell matching sets so the whole family can cozy up in matching pjs for the holidays. 
I love having everyone in the family in Christmas pjs on Christmas morning, so I always gift them the night before!
Please note that this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase an item from one of these websites, I make a small commission!

This Week in Photos...

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I decided on Sunday's I am going to do a little reflection on my week on Instagram and post all of my photos here and write a little bit about what I was up to this week. Some weeks it might be incredible dull, others might be a bit more exciting. 
My week on Instagram is still photos from San Francisco - another week or two and then holiday content will be coming your way!
Palace Hotel, San Francisco

Friday Favourites: Warm Holiday Weekend

Happy F R I D A Y!
I am so excited for the weekend because I am going to put up by Christmas decorations this weekend and possibly do a little shopping for more decor.
It's also been a super busy week, especially if you have been keeping up with me on Instagram, I have tried to take you along for my week. I have been to a few different events such as Hunter, Soia & Kyo, done a little bit of shopping! I saved them to my highlights section, so you can still find them if you missed them!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Also, don't forget that the 20% off Sephora Sale is on and I have linked all of my favourites that I truly use on a say to day basis. You can find the post here

Favourite Home:
- Since Christmas is many people's favorite holiday, indoor Christmas decorations are often highly sought after items after the Thanksgiving holiday pas...
From via Pinterest
I can't wait to have a kitchen in my home one day with a sweet little island and stools to hang little wreaths on like this!

Holiday Mantle Inspirations

Happy Wednesday! Getting back into my home decor Wednesday posts just in time for the Holiday's!
I am hoping to post more often leading up to the holiday's because I love this time of year and love all of the decor, baking and fashions! Also, I decided I am going to start a new post each week with all of the photos I posted on Instagram, details to all of the looks I wore and little life updates. Hopefully that is something you will enjoy!?
I am putting up my Christmas decorations this weekend, so I wanted to share a little bit of inspirations and this week I have been thinking of Fireplace Mantles and how I can't wait to have a cute one of my own to decorate. Honestly, I am so tempted to get a little electric one but I am not sure my boyfriend would agree. We'll see, maybe next year?
Instagram: @theblooming nest or
I wasn't planning on writing little captions under each photo, however, I love the Blooming Nest. I follow her on Instagram, so definitely check her out. Her decor is so cute!!!

What I Wore in San Francisco

I was only in San Francisco area for 3 nights, so I tried to pack as light as possible and ensure my outfits were really flexible and each item could be worn in multiple ways.
My coat was under C$100 and perfect in all situations on this trip. I also picked up the really fluffy sweater while I was away and I am in love with it! I also had one really lovely "silky" top that was perfect for casual and dressy times as well as a cream cashmere sweater.
I will link all of these items below, including the curler I use for my hair!
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Sweater / Purse (similar) / Hair Curler

Beauty Bag Favourites

With the Sephora sale open to all Beauty Insiders, I wanted to share my full skincare and make up routine! The sale is running until November 11th, and Beauty Insiders receive 10% at Sephora, VIB receive 15%  and Rouge receive 20% off. I will put all of the details below!
If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email me or send me a message on Instagram @emscourtney
Please note affiliate links are being used in this post!

Friday Favourites: Holiday Dreaming

It's the first day of November and I am just going to jump right into Christmas and Winter Holiday content. I can't help myself, I truly love this time of year and I am gathering all of my inspiration for my home this year. We will be hosting a small Christmas dinner at our house before Christmas Day, so I need to start the planning!
I didn't want to jump into the over the top Christmas ideas so I decided to start off with more subtle decor and other ideas before we do a deep dive in a few weeks. 
This weekend last year I was putting up my Christmas decor -  I may be delaying by a week to get some school assignments finished, but hopefully you have something lovely planned!

Also, don't forget that the 20% off Sephora Sale is on and I have linked all of my favourites that I truly use on a say to day basis. You can find the post here

Favourite Home:
Michael Buble take us inside his stylish holiday home - Style At Home
Michael Buble Takes Us Inside His Stylish Holiday Hoem from
You need to click the link above to see the whole home tour because this home is gorgeous. I love the garlands along the banisters, definitely something I will be purchasing this year!

Printable Fall Sign

I've shown this sweet little set up in my stories on Instagram a few times, but never shared details.
Also, I wanted to share the printable I made for this little fall sign. I know it's a bit late as we are coming closer to the end of the season, but it is such an easy DIY. The PDF for the printable sign as well as the frame are linked below. Plus a few DIY's and shoppable links for the other items in this photo! I also promise to make another sign for the holidays and have it up a little sooner!
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Fall Festival Weekend

I hope everyone had a gorgeous weekend! I am sorry I took a little break from posting last week, but things just seemed super crazy and I could not keep up! 
This past weekend, I was up at my favourite little fall festival in Muskoka area. The best. It was also a stunning weekend for it. The sun was shining, the trees were beautiful colours, it wasn't as cold as usual! I have to share some of my edited and non edited photos from this weekend. Plus, on Friday before heading north, I got a package from Aritzia and did a little try on in my stories, so I am sharing the links and images at the bottom of the post in case you missed it!

Friday Favourites: Thanksgiving Weekend

It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and it is always my favourite time of the year. Since I was little, we would go up to the cottage, go for walks in the crisp fall air with the colourful fall leaves. Then, come back to the cozy cottage with the fire going, maybe have something delicious with tea, and also enjoy a thanksgiving dinner! I am really looking forward to it and wanted to some some of my inspiration and favourites from this week.
fall porch, Colorful Farmhouse Fall Porch Steps
Colourful Fall Porch Steps from
We are only at the cottage this weekend and next, so maybe this is crazy, but I reallllly want to do something cute like this on the porch! I love this so much.

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

Ever since I was a little girl, setting the table for big family dinners was always a favourite job of mine. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter ... I love pouring my creativity into it!
 I wanted to share all of my favourites from this year that are inspiring my ideas for my Thanksgiving table setting!
The creators of these beautiful table settings are cited below each photo. Also, in most cases there are even more photos and details if you click the link below the photo.
As always with these type of inspiration posts, please note that none of these images are my own and all of the sources are linked below each image.
Elegant, Neutral Thanksgiving Table Decor: get the best tips for creating a gorgeous, elegant Thanksgiving table SIMPLY with this video tutorial!
Image via

Thanksgiving Looks

Over the weekend I took a little trip out of the city to Knox Pumpkin Farm in Clarington, which is about 25 minutes from where I grew up. I shot lots of different looks to share with you over the next little while. While putting this post together, I realized there are a lot of cute outfits that would be perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner because in Canada, it is this coming weekend!
I have shared 3 different looks below, as well I have linked all of the items for you. 
*Affiliate links are used below*

Friday Favourites: Maple Pie

It's a beautiful crisp fall Friday in Toronto! I don't think we have quite adjusted yet as the weather has been flip flopping around, but I think I got the memo and wore a cozy sweater to work today. I need to do a little bit of a wardrobe check for my coats though, I may be in need of a new one for fall! I am also dying to get a tan/camel leather bag and I am having so much trouble finding something I like. 
I feel like tomorrow I will be running all over the place. I am heading to a cute pumpkin farm, having a cute fall morning, then back to Toronto to meet a friend for tea and making dinner for a little dinner party we are having! 
I hope you have something lovely planned to celebrate fall, or prep for Canadian Thanksgiving!

Favourite Table Setting:
In honour of thanksgiving, and my cute little dinner party tomorrow, I had to share this cute little set up! I hadn't really thought about making the table cute for saturday as the dinner is a little unplanned, but now I am definitely doing something cute, so if you follow me on Instagram, check my stories and I will share the cute set up!

New Project Home Inspirations

I just started working on a new project and it is my biggest to date!
While we aren't quite at the stage of picking out furniture or these sort of details, I have started musing. I've mentioned it before, sometimes I just start pinning things to Pinterest boards, and then realize that I have a theme building. While I have no idea if this style will work for the project at this point, I can still daydream about it until we move on to that stage. 
As always with these type of inspiration posts, please note that none of these images are my own and all of the sources are linked below each image.
Image from via Pinterest

Outfits to Wear with Hunter Boots

I got my first pair of Hunter Boots in Grade 12 and have loved wearing them through every season, but Fall is always my favourite. The combination of pants, skirts and dresses always wins my heart so I wanted to share some of my favourite looks with Hunter Boots!

Please note that none of these images below are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.

Fall Treats to Inspire

I have finally made it to the little break in-between my terms for courses and I always end up baking way more during that time!  Of course, I had to round up all of my favourite recipes that I have pinned and hope to try through my break and fall. I always think of crisp fall weekends at the cottage. Baking something delicious to have after a walk, with a hot cup of tea. I hope this inspires you to do a little fall baking, or gives you a head start on Thanksgiving weekend baking ideas.  I split this post up into Pumpkin and Apple recipes so you can easily pick through them. 
Please note that none of these images are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.
Caramel Apple Dutch Baby
Click here for more food photography!.
Caramel Apple Dutch Baby from

Weekend Style: Apple Picking

A month or more ago, I made plans with a good friend for our second annual fall day.
We went to some really cute farms in the Durham region where I grew up and we had such an amazing time we wanted to do it again,
Sadly, our favourite farm changed their opening weekend to a week later. We went to two other farms and no pumpkins! It was so sad! 
We made the best of our fall day and went Apple picking. It was such a fun little outing for us and we left with a humungous bag of apples.
*Note this post contains affiliate links*

Friday Favourites: Pumpkin Waffles

Dreaming about the perfect Fall weekend!
Sadly, my plans this weekend were switched around a little bit, but I think I still have some nice Fall plans. I am also planning my perfect fall festival weekend and thinking up all of the recipes and things I want to do. I can't wait! I have also been toying with the idea of sending out a newsletter, maybe monthly? Just and idea... we shall see!

Favourite Table Setting:
Fall Farmhouse Table via
I am dreaming about the perfect thanksgiving table settings. I love all of the natural colours and autumn orange. I also think I need to get some wooden candle stick holders!!

Home: Art Prints

Over the last month I have been working on updating my space a little more!
I was looking for the perfect art pieces to make the space feel like home and found exactly what I was looking for at!
Also, if you read right to the end, I have a little tip to help pick your art for your space.
The items in this post were gifted to me by Minted, however all of the thoughts are my own.
*Affiliate links are used in this post*

Style: Fall Inspiration

At the start of every season, I take a walk through my wardrobe to rediscover all of the items I have.
I pick through all of the fall items from previous years, decide if I should keep or donate items. I also check through other seasons items to see if anything works for Fall. I know I have a few skirts or neutral dresses that I can layer with sweaters! 
After that, I look for inspiration, see if I need to add any new items to my wardrobe for the season.
Here are some of my favourite inspirations for this upcoming season.

*Please note I do not own any of these photos and all of the sources are linked below. If you are the owner of a photo and it is not correctly linked, please reach out to me via email, and I would be happy to fix it!*
Casual jeans outfit for spring

Friday Favourites: Apple Harvest

H A P P Y  F R I D A Y !
I feel like this week went by quickly, but I am still excited for it to be the weekend! As I was writing this post, things got even more exciting as a fire alarm went off. There I was in a panic on what to do in a real emergency, so in classic fashion, I grabbed the most important thing - Lily and quickly went down millions of stairs. Luckily it was a false alarm, but nothing like a little excitement on a Thursday evening! This cool weather is so lovely and inspiring for Fall. If you have been reading my recent posts, I had my first fall shoot last weekend with some transitional outfits, and I have a few more plans the next few weekends! I hope you have something lovely planned.

Favourite Design:
Fall Console Table with Three Different Looks from
I love little styled area like this. I have been working on my apartment and its so inspiring to see all of the little details. I love the layers of items, different colours, textures and sizes.

Cozy Log House

This cute log house gives me all of the cozy autumn vibes so I had to share it with you!
This was a lodge that we stayed at during our trip out West. I believe it was recently renovated and it is gorgeous!

Transitional Summer to Fall Looks

ChicWish kindly gifted me a few items to style this month and I am so excited! All of the items I picked work perfect from the Summer to Fall transition and right into Fall! 
* The following post contains affiliate links *

Travel: Banff & Kelowna

If you've been following along on instagram, you'll know that I've been away in Alberta/BC for a week driving all over the place. I wanted to share all of the things I did and my recommendations! I also listed out all of my "general" tips at the bottom!

Friday Favourites: Crisp Autumn Colours

I am back from my trip to Alberta/BC and not only was the air crisp in Banff area, but it is way cooler in the Toronto area too! I think true Fall weather is coming much sooner than it has in the past, and I am 100% okay with it! I am loving all of the fall colours right now at home, fashion and in beauty - just look at the nail polish colour in this post, so dreamy!
I am slowly adding some Fall decor to my home and I have a few Fall themed shoots planned for this month.
Thankfully it has been a short week, but I am still welcoming the weekend with open arms - have an amazing one!

Favourite Design:
Rustic Fall Entryway from
Okay. I might have a problem. With entryways. I swear I keep sharing these with you but I just can't help myself. SO CUTE.

20 Amazon Farmhouse Decor Finds

I couldn't help but share some of my newest Amazon finds! Most of these items are available on Amazon Prime and they are so cute, whether for a Farmhouse style space, or even Fall decor items!
*Please note there are affiliate links in this post*

Fall Phone Wallpapers

I know I love seasonal phone wallpapers and based on my blog stats so does everyone else, so here are a few of my favourites below!
Check out all of the wonderful artists and their other work, credited below each photo.
Note: I have updated the post from the last few years to include some of my favourites from this year as well!
Photo from  @emscourtney featuring @lilythemeow and iPhone wallpaper from

Travel: Packing

I am heading on a trip this week so I thought it is the perfect opportunity to share how I packed for a week in my carry on and the method I used to fit a lot in my suitcase in an organized way.

Friday Favourites: Apple Cider Chai

Fall is coming in full force. After the long weekend Fall it is going to explode all over my blog. Gilmore Girls. Pumpkins. Coziness. 
I found some amazing fashion, beauty, baking and home inspo this weekend on Pinterest and it will definitely have you thinking about Fall!
I hope you have an amazing weekend - soak in the last of summer!

Favourite Design:
Anne of Green Gables Pillow Cover (and Image) from
I am reallllly getting into the mood for fall. I love the fairytale pumpkins. I need more of these this year, and the Anne of Green Gables pillow and sign are so cute.

Gleaming Primrose Mirror in Canada

If you have ever dreamed of owning this gorgeous mirror, keep reading (even if you live in Canada, because I found a way to get it)!!
I planned on doing a proper post for this, taking beautifully styled photos and all, but I had to share this with you today and just couldn't wait.
Please note the following post features affiliate links.
Slide View: 9: Gleaming Primrose Mirror
Gleaming Primrose Mirror from Anthropologie

Home: Fall Decor Inspirations

I don't think I realized how much I want Fall until Pinterest starting filling with Fall home decor, and I looked through my Fall content from last year.
It's like an itch for Fall. I am ready for fall candles, crisp air, sweaters... replaying Gilmore Girls for the millionth time. 
These are my favourite home inspirations for Fall so far and I am dreaming about a charming old house in a cute small town - like Stars Hollow if you catch the reference!
Farmhouse Fall Porch Steps from

Nectarine Picking

This past weekend I was in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I took Friday off from work to enjoy a little weekend getaway of Shaw plays, afternoon tea, Niagara Falls and Nectarine/Peach picking! That is also the reason why I missed posting my favourites from last week! I promise I'll make up for it this week.