Friday Favourites: Lemon Lovin'

This week seems to have flown by and I can't wait to be up at the cottage!
I mentioned this on Instagram, but if you missed it, I have been working on a special project and I am styling and shooting the content for it this weekend!
This week I have been looking online at real estate in the area that my boyfriend and I love. We technically shouldn't be looking for another year - but no harm in being educated and dreaming. Every time I find a new house I love, I start planning in my mind how I would renovate. What it would look like in 10 years and 20 years and the dream renovations that I would complete!
I can't wait for the day that I get to buy a home and share the whole renovation progress with you, but until then, we can dream through my favourites this week.

Favourite Table Setting:
I am not sure if this is my favourite table setting or just atmosphere in general. This is such a cute little garden set up and the home in the background looks gorgeous with the build in fireplace!

Favourite Fashion:
Image from Instagram: @PalmBeachLately
My private favourites board on Pinterest just happened to be filled with lots of similar coloured photos and lemons this week - just by accident! How could I not share these cute summer dresses! I picture driving through the coast of Italy in an old convertible in a cute lemon dress. Doesn't that sound beautiful!?

Favourite Patio: 
I love this cute minimalist patio and the cute coloured door! I also didn't realize until after selecting my favourites for this post that some pink lemonade was hiding in the background!

Favourite Recipe:
Raspberry Lemon Cake from
I have never had a raspberry lemon cake before, but this looks so nice! Imagine sitting out in the garden with a cup of tea on a sunny afternoon and enjoying a slice of this!? Sounds like the perfect weekend plan to me!

Favourite Decor:
Living Room from Waiting on Martha via Bloglovin
I was looking for a window covering solution for at the cottage and that is why I initially saved this photo to my board, but I love the natural colours. This looks like such a calming space, and that sofa looks incredibly comfortable! I think I might switch out the coffee table for a rustic wood one, but overall such a beautiful space!

Favourite DIY: 
DIY Bead Chandelier from
This is on my list for this summer!! I really want to make a wood bead chandelier and it is on ym list of DIY projects to share with you once it is finished. I love how they made this, it is gorgeous!

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