Friday Favourites: Terracotta and Peach

Happy Friday!
Seriously ready for the weekend. I don't know if it was the rainy weather on Thursday or what, but I took a two hour nap before getting up, writing this post, and going to bed. Wild Thursday night!!
I am finally finished my assignments at the end of my school term, and have a two week break! 
I am ready for a busy but fun weekend instead of focusing on assignments and that is always a nice break. Enjoy my favourites from this week!

Favourite Table Setting:
Terracotta and peach for a fall barn wedding from
I adore the colours in this table setting, but the link also had me dreaming about a terracotta and peach fall wedding because isn't that the sweetest idea!? I love themes, any theme ... I love them so I couldn't help but share this one. 

Favourite Decor:
Long Jetty Renovation Dining Area Reveal from
I love the simplistic Scandinavian vibes from this casual kitchen set up! The link shows even more from this space and its stunning! 

Favourite Swim:
I love the striped bottoms and cute top!! This is such a sweet summer scene. 

Favourite Idea: 
Healthy Snacks for work from 
If you have never done this before, it is totally worth trying! These are the perfect summer treat and healthy! I put them in the freezer so they are like a "healthy" treat on a hot summers day.

Favourite Patio:
Alright, this is a fall scene, which I didn't pick up on at first. But I still love it! Summer or Fall, I think it would be so nice sitting here and taking in the beautiful weather!

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