Saturday at Parkwood Estate

Over the weekend, I visited a beautiful estate for lunch and photos with a friend. I shared clips of this on Instagram in my stories and got lots of questions, so I wanted to share more details with you because it was beautiful! Also, if you're reading this, you are getting a sneak peek at the photos because I don't have then scheduled to be posted on Instagram for a few more days!

I was in the Durham region for my cousins baby shower, appointment and to visit a friend, and I thought it was the perfect reason to have a catch up and tea at this stunning location!
Parkwood Estate is a beautiful property in Oshawa that I was introduced to last year, however my Grandma told me that she has been here a few times, even for a wedding! It is a stunning property, even just to wander the grounds is amazing! 
The particular day we visited there was a wedding at 3pm that was being set up, and it looked like such a beautiful place for one. There were lovely gardens, fountains throughout and little chipmunks running in and out of the bushes - like a fairy tale. 
If you wander around the side of the building, through the gardens, you come to the back where there is a raised area looking out onto beautiful fountains running down to a covered building where there is a tea house!

The Tea House is open daily from 10:30am-5pm! They have an amazing menu for lunch and high tea (they don't serve high tea until 2). They have three different high tea menu options with traditional, vegetarian and kids! I was honestly so impressed!  
We arrived around 10am, walked around the grounds before heading to the tea house at 10:30. We were hoping to have tea, but they don't start high tea until 2pm, which makes sense! We ended up having a very early lunch, which was delicious! I had a roasted vegetable and goat cheese panini with a salad. After, I found out I could have a scone with cream and jam with tea, I just couldn't have a full high tea. I obviously had to try it! It was really good, but the cream wasn't clotted cream - that might not matter to you, but worth mentioning. Also, the jam was delicious!
 I really want to go back for a proper high tea at some point, the venue is stunning to enjoy high tea beside the fountains in the garden!  
The Tea House is only open in the summer (I believe), so while I shot some photos here in the Fall, this was my first time visiting the Tea House, and I will be back! 
I haven't had the chance to take a tour through the house yet, but I hope to go back at some point through the summer so visit because I can only image it is gorgeous! The house tours are open year round and there are events that run if you check on the website!
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