Style: What's New in my Wardrobe, May

Hello June! In Toronto it may not be as warm as we were hoping for but I am starting the month off with a new blog schedule and the first Monday of the month I am planning to share all of the new items in my wardrobe.
Due to the chillier weather, I haven't been as inspired to purchase as much for Spring/Summer!
Sharing some of the items I've purchased and I've been trying to buy more basic tops for work so I listed those below for you as well!

*Note some affiliate links are used below*

Dress Colour 1 & Dress Colour 2 | JacketShoes

Here are a few items I haven't shot yet, but wanted to share with you anyways!


  1. Love your outfits and your choice of backdrops - amazing!

    Thanks Emma,
    Gary | Outfit Ideas with TrendFriend

    1. Thank you Gary! I love scouting out nice backdrops so I am glad you appreciate them!