Weekend Lilac Love

When I started my new blog post schedule, I had full intentions of Monday's being Fashion/Beauty, Wednesday's being Home/DIY/Baking. However, only two weeks in, here I am changing things up. It is for a good reason, I promise. If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember over the weekend, I shared that I was at the cottage and I was smelling the beautiful Lilac trees. Well, inspiration took over and with help, I clipped a bunch of Lilacs that were hanging over the fence onto the road and filled a beautiful basket bag ... and now you will see the beautiful outcome! Many of these will pop up on my instagram over the next two weeks, but if you're a blog reader, you'll get a little peek before everyone else! Also, I am posting some videos of the Lilacs to my instagram stories so head over there for more content.
Also, at the very end, I made one of the images I took into a phone wallpaper, so if you are a Lilac Tree enthusiast (or a hunter boots enthusiast) like me, you can use this image as a wallpaper!

I must also note that I now have a million blackfly and mosquito bites all over me - especially around my ankles because I was barefoot!
I saw meme the other day that said "Camping season is here!" and below it said 2000 mosquito liked this. That is exactly how I feel about these Lilac photos!!
I couldn't help myself though, how gorgeous is this basket of lilacs!? 
Looking back, I wish I brought Lily out into the meadow, because how picturesque would this shot be if Lily was running along beside me trying to catch butterflies or something!?
My love of lilacs comes from when I was a child. My childhood home had a lilac tree and I always remember the beautiful smell and cutting some to place in a vase on the kitchen table.

This weekend was incredibly gorgeous weather, which was much deserved after the cooler weather we have been having the last few months - not like the typical warmer weather we normally get in the Toronto/Muskoka area!
I spent the weekend working on the Sico paints campaign, putting together the finishing touches and shooting all of the photos that you will be seeing in a few weeks! I also did a little it of work on our cabin, putting up pieces of art that I had neglected for a while. Unfortunately, there are some plumbing issues right now with some rusting pipes, so we had no water!! We love our little cabin so much we still stayed there even without water, but it was a little bit of a nuisance. I also spent some time outside on the dock and walking around the property, letting Lily run around on a harness so we didn't lose her! She is very much an indoor cat without much street-sense so that is why I keep her on a harness outside, but I don't think she minds!
I didn't do any school work this weekend, which means I have a very busy week and weekend coming up, but it was worth it!
Overall, an incredible weekend. Even better when the bugs are gone and can't feast on me!

Save this cute image and use it as the wallpaper on your phone!


  1. All in favour of having a plan - but being open to tweaking it at the same time.

    Awesome post, thank you for sharing,
    Gary | Outfit Inspiration with TrendFriend

    1. I'm not so flexible - but I'm working on it! haha