Boho Chic Room

I am so excited to share this Boho Chic Room project that I recently worked on at the cottage. I wanted to share the full process with you from the before photos, inspiration images, items I purchased and the after photos!
I recently had the absolute pleasure of working with Sico paints on a project to colour up my life! While this was a paid partnership with them on Instagram, and I did not have to share it with you on my blog - I really wanted to because I loved it so much! This post and opinions are all my own. There are also affiliate links in this post. 

Before & After


 I always love creating a Pinterest board with all of my inspiration images. I find it really helps everything flow well and get me really pumped up and create a plan! Then I pick my favourites and make a collage on Powerpoint on one side. The other side I then begin to place furniture, wall colours etc to help me really visualize what I am creating. Sometimes I change the background of the slide to the wall colour. Powerpoint allows you to remove the background of photos, so creating a more realistic layout is easier. 

Image from via Pinterest

Photo from Mix and Chic via Pinterest (Left) and (Right)


The Process

When picking the paint colour I went to Lowe's to check out the Colour Centre of Sico paint and I chose Flower of India. The details are down below. I was also able to pick up al of the supplies. We only had to paint two coats on the walls. Truly we could have been find with one, but because of the wall material in the cabin, we needed to get into the wall paneling a little deeper and decided a second coat would be better.  


I truly loved this project. I have such a passion for interior design and decor, and I love having the opportunity to show that through Instagram and now through my blog. I really hope you enjoy these photos and Lily posing all cute in them! 

Paint & Decor

Below is a list of the paint, furniture and decor items I purchased for the space. I also tried to repurpose old pieces by painting wood furniture with Sico Furniture Paint and shopping at thrift stores for some items. 
Flower of India 6060-21

Image result for justina fela wall pendant

I am hoping to do a dedicate DIY post for you next week with how I made the basket wall! Here are a few of the baskets I used, but the full details will be coming very soon!

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