Friday Favourites: Natural Shades and Ice Cream Days

One of my favourite things about creating these Friday Favourites posts is that sometimes my inspirations from the week fit together seamlessly. The theme flows, the photos look like they belong together on a gallery wall or a cohesive feed and they give me the big yes. The kind of yes where you know that: this. is. it.
I feel like this week dragged on a big and I didn't have as much energy as I would have liked. I started going for fitness walks after work and eating healthier this week... the 80/20 rule because I obviously needed to fit tea and sweets into it. I also started back in my design courses last week, so week 2! This term I have my first thesis course and the other course is about codes and regulations. I might share a little more about my thesis as it develops - we'll see. However, keep your eye peeled because I am going to share a dedicated post about my chic pink boho themed cabin next week!

Cherry Red by Anastasiya Belik from 
If you need me - this is where I will be. Or at least dreaming about.

Favourite Design:
I have been dreaming about design so much lately. About my apartment, my friends places, my future places. This seems to fit very well. 

Favourite Recipe:
Chocolate Peanut Butter and Salted Pretzel Ice Cream from
Today my boyfriend said he wanted ice cream, and immediately this ice cream recipe popped up on my screen. I think it must have been a sign. I really need to buy one of those kitchen aid ice cream attachments so I can make ice cream. I know there are other ways to make it, but that seems easier! Then I can eat this yummy ice cream!

Favourite Decor:
From Instagram @holllyjohnstone via Pinterest
This fits in really well with the other gorgeous interior photo, and I have been loving these cane furniture pieces! I also saw an incredible DIY for one today. So stunning and relaxing!

Favourite Idea:
White Labor Day Picnic from
Let's enjoy this cute picnic this weekend! This looks like a combination of all of my favourites.

Favourite Style:
What I Look For When Shopping For Dresses from
Number 1, this dress is super cute! Number 2, this post about what to look for when shopping for dresses seems like a great read. I adore dresses, so this pretty one is right up my alley!

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