Friday Favourites: Summer Berry

Happy Friday! It seems like the summer is just flying by and the weekends are passing so quickly!
It seems like sweet foods have been on my mind lately because I have been baking up a storm, so I could help but have the preview photo for this post be a delicious looking berry pavlova. I great up having Pavlova's but I feel like this is not something that Canadian's (possibly American's too) have for dessert!? Definitely worth trying especially with all of the beautiful fresh summer berries. 
Hoping for a relaxing weekend before my courses pick up again, and I hope you have a great weekend too! Enjoy the sun and beautiful weather!

Favourite Recipe:
Pavlova Cake with Summer Berry Cointreau from
I need this right now. I love pavlova because it is so light and fluffy and topped with fresh fruits. This is truly a perfect summers dessert! It also looks stunning without much effort. 

Favourite Style:
I adore this top. The entire outfit, actually. It is so effortlessly chic for summer! I think summer whites are so beautiful and timeless. 

Favourite Table Setting:
Enchanting Jungle Dinner at Acre, Baja from
This whole dried flowers and natural elements is gorgeous and definitely taking over! I also love the wooden charger, and the linen pom pom napkin. There are even more photos at the link above. 

Favourite Design Trend:
Client What’s The Story Spanish Glory by Amber Lewis at
Round top doors and stunning! This is a subtle design trend that I am seeing more and more. The natural materials and colours in this space are also gorgeous.

Favourite Decor:
This home office looks so nice and fits in really well with the previous image of the living room, but with a chic twist to it. I'm day dreaming about my future dream office now. All of the natural colours and textures give this space a very warm feeling that would be relaxing but the chic elements sent a great tone for an office.  

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