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Well... this wasn't the post I planned for today, but I forgot I had a massage scheduled last night so my night took a different turn than intended. Long story short, there might be a bonus post this week! I really wanted to stay true to my blog schedule and do a home post today so I added this post in to bring a little home content. 

This weekend we decided to stay home. In the summer we like to go up to the cottage at least twice a month, which tends to be every other weekend. We both have pretty busy lives, and sometimes you just need to weekend to get caught up on things. This weekend was one of those weekends! However, I made it a little more challenging on myself. I decided to turn my whole apartment upside down. I did a huge purge! We went through our closets, filled a big garbage bag for donation. Filled another bag with garbage that I had collected over time. Two bins of extra clothing that is still nice but not worn as much, to go to the cottage. Reorganized everything. Especially our closets! 

The reason I decided to do this is because I have a bedroom refresh coming up in the next month or so! I will be tackling it in parts, but I decided the first step was to do a big purge to see what we having going on before making any purchases!
I realized that we collect so much stuff that just isn't necessary. If you haven't used it in a year there are two reasons. 1. You have something similar that is superior - donate or take to the cottage. 2. You don't need it - donate it! 

I also learned about Facebook marketplace recently. You can easily list anything on there and sell it or list it as free. It is the new Craigslist or Kijiji, plus it seems like you can only join it if you have a legitimate Facebook account that is active. I tried to create a new account to sell things - I couldn't. I tried to use my old elementary school account - it didn't show marketplace as an option because my account was inactive. I felt a lot safer about it, plus you can rate people you buy and sell from.

Beauty and Body Products

I realized I have so many toiletries and make up products that I needed to get rid of. I found there were a few categories. 1. Things I have extra of but still use, which is organized in a plastic bin. 2. Products I no longer use, and wouldn't use because they don't react well with my skin. If they were within date, I kept in case close family wants to try them. If they weren't, I threw them out! 3. Products that have never been opened and I won't use. I know it seems incredible wasteful, but, I put them in another bin for friends and family in case they would like to try the product out. Simplifying my life!

From Etsy: Little Deer Interiors


The number one thing is go through everything. If you haven't worn it in a year - why is that? Is it because it is for a special event? Will you wear it again? If you won't wear it again, get rid of it. If it isn't for a special event, is it for work? If you aren't wearing it, get rid of it. Even if it's nice quality, chances are, you aren't going to wear it. You haven't worn it in a year so pass it on to someone else, sell it, donate it. If its a casual item... same thing applies! Underwear and socks. Purge your socks for holes, mismatched etc. If you have really scratchy, fluffy, whatever it may be that you don't wear. Get rid of it, sadly this has to be thrown out, you can't donate it unless they are brand new with tags. Underwear. Purge. I like a specific kind and I won't wear the others anymore, so I recently got two 10 for $40 sets of the type I like in multiple colours, and tossed the rest! They were just taking up space and I never ever wore them. Same goes for bras. 

Secret To Giving Furniture A Chalk Finish from shabbyfufu.com



Same goes for furniture, if you have something sitting around that you don't love, or it isn't used, donate it or sell it! Also, an alternative is turning it into a DIY project and refinish it. As long as you truly think you will get around to it! There are so many ways to refinish furniture! With cheaper pieces of furniture there are also great ways to freshen them up by switching the knobs on cabinets and nightstands, or even with some paint. 

Clutter Control: How to Organize Your Junk Drawer Once and For All (in 5 Minutes) from papernstitchblog.com


I had a full garbage bag full thing things. Bags I collected, random receipts, boxes. Really just random, unnecessary things. If you might possibly use it once in the year, you probably don't need it. If it has a place, put it there, but I guarantee if you go through your space, you will find so many things you don't need. Be ruthless. Take a photo of it if you want to remember it, then get rid of it. Recycle, donate, throw away - whichever is the right thing to do for the item, you probably don't need it, so don't let it sit around for another year. If there is something in particular you collect or love and can't part with, is there a way to re-purpose it? I love teacups, and there are a few that I just can't part with so, I cleaned them and store make up brushes, q-tips, all sorts of things, in them! I get to enjoy them every day now when I do my makeup. 

Organized Cleaning Supplies - Storage Solutions for your Products from cleanmama.net


I think the key thing I have learned about organization is make changes that make sense. Think about how you live, and what is a change you can make that will stick. If you make changes that you can't keep in terms of organization, it is just a waste of time. In our walk in closet we have so many hanging rails and not many shelves or drawers. I realized that this wasn't working for my boyfriend so I took measurements of one of the lower hanging rail sections and found a dresser that fit perfectly from IKEA. Now I don't have to see his mess and he doesn't have to hang up his clothes. Its a win-win and it is a change that actually stuck and works for us. We have open nightstands and there is always clutter that irritates me, but I really like the look of the nightstands, so I am planning to get some wicker baskets that slide underneath and hide all of the mess. Think about the things you use most often and put them in an area that is easy to access, and things you don't use often, put them away in a harder to reach area. I love using my under bed storage bins for out of season clothing, or really anything you don't use that often. There are some great options out there to help organize. 

To really sum up this post. Be ruthless. Take photos. Donate, Sell, Re-purpose. You can simplify your life so much more. When it comes to organizing what is left, think about how you live and make choices that make sense with how you live. 

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