Perfect Sunday Morning

I was daydreaming at the cottage this weekend in our sweet little cabin and decided I would share my perfect Sunday morning with you. I wish I could start every single day this way because it is so relaxing and makes you realize you really don't need that much. These mornings are so simple but I love them so much.
White Terry kindly gifted me a set of sheets and duvet cover, so I always wake up in the softest bedding. I have been sleeping with their bedding for the last two months and I absolutely love it! We spend so much time in bed sleeping, about a third of or life in bed! It really puts into perspective how we should have quality bedding. 

The perfect morning obviously has to start with the softest bedding with fluffy pillows and a cozy duvet and blankets. I always make muffin mix and pull it out in the mornings for fresh muffins. While they are baking, I crawl back into bed and catch up on the world.
When I get up, my weekends at the cottage always start with breakfast on the porch. This porch is one of my favourite things.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen these breakfast on the porch many times because I am obsessed. We have beautiful views across the property of the lake, the meadow.
When the muffins are ready, I have tea and hot oatmeal chocolate chip muffins under a blanket, with Lily snuggled up on our laps. Weekend breakfasts are always a treat for me - during the week I have a smoothie, but I like the little treat on the weekend. I love to sit and enjoy my tea for half an hour looking out on the silent property. 
The next part of my perfect morning is a hike followed by a swim!
These simple mornings are perfect to me. I dream about these days during the weekly grind! 
What is your perfect weekend morning? 

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