Friday Favourites: Pralines & Cream

Another week of Summer gone! This week has seemed especially short because of the long weekend and I've been a ball of stress and anxiety!! Does anyone ever have those weeks where there are just set off by anything and everything - because that is me right now! Trying to plan trips, work on my thesis, work on my apartment project, figure out how to ship things to buffalo  for pick up and make sure they get there on time (which it looks like they wont)! I'm trying to order two different items that won't ship to Canada and shipping to Buffalo and picking it up seems like the only option sadly!
In any case! Here are 4 of my favourites from this week, one less than usual but I think we can cope with 4 just for this week. 

Favourite Design:
Bedroom Reveal from 
This space is gorgeous and calming and that art print is so pretty! I just ordered a bunch of prints online so I have been scouting out my favourites all week. Can't wait to reveal them soon!

Favourite Style:
Feeling the Fall vibes! I love how this is so transitional between Summer and Fall, but also such a timeless look! Definitely would love to replicate this for Fall.

Favourite Table Setting:
Blue and White Summer Tablescape from
This is such a cute idea for the last of those sweet summer dinner parties! It looks like it is just holding down a paper napkin, but I still love it!

Favourite Recipe:
Praline Cream Puffs from
These look so good! I don't think I have ever come across anything like this in Toronto, but it seems like something you would enjoy in a cute European Cafe and I think we can all daydream about that for a little while!

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