Travel: Packing

I am heading on a trip this week so I thought it is the perfect opportunity to share how I packed for a week in my carry on and the method I used to fit a lot in my suitcase in an organized way.
I was packing for this trip and really needed to put as much as I could in a carry on rather than taking a large suitcase so I tried a new method that I am loving!


I rolled all of my clothes and I was able to fit a lot of clothes, but I could also see everything, so rather than having to pick up a pile of clothes to grab something on the bottom, this works so much better!

Personal Item

I also have a bag that slips over the handle and sits on top of my carry on that I always pack my toiletries, electronic and anything I need to be able to access on the plane. I find it is the best way to easily get through security because you have everything easily accessible to put into the bins at security. 

Outfit Planning

This next tip is one of my favourites. As I am packing and trying on things, I take photos of the outfits and put them into a folder, so that when I am on vacation, I can look at the folder when I am trying to pick out what to wear. The below photo I took while I was in the process of doing this for my trip, but I think it shows you what I mean!

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  1. This is so true that rolling the cloths and put it in the bag will reduce time and space where you can use the empty corner with little things like brush, toothpaste, gel, razors, and so on. As for the longest distance cover this rolling item let you find things easily also.