Friday Favourites: Maple Pie

It's a beautiful crisp fall Friday in Toronto! I don't think we have quite adjusted yet as the weather has been flip flopping around, but I think I got the memo and wore a cozy sweater to work today. I need to do a little bit of a wardrobe check for my coats though, I may be in need of a new one for fall! I am also dying to get a tan/camel leather bag and I am having so much trouble finding something I like. 
I feel like tomorrow I will be running all over the place. I am heading to a cute pumpkin farm, having a cute fall morning, then back to Toronto to meet a friend for tea and making dinner for a little dinner party we are having! 
I hope you have something lovely planned to celebrate fall, or prep for Canadian Thanksgiving!

Favourite Table Setting:
In honour of thanksgiving, and my cute little dinner party tomorrow, I had to share this cute little set up! I hadn't really thought about making the table cute for saturday as the dinner is a little unplanned, but now I am definitely doing something cute, so if you follow me on Instagram, check my stories and I will share the cute set up!
Favourite Style: via Pinterest
This bag is stunning. I have adored this bag for so long, but I am not sure if I can take the plunge. It is however, tan/camel bag goals and definitely something I would love to have.

Favourite Recipe:
Brown Butter Maple Chess Pie from
But how good does this look!? I wrote that in caps at first but I decided it was a little too aggressive. I am daydreaming about this pie right now.

Favourite Decor:
I love all of the mix of textures in this space. The tall black dining chairs with the wood table, the tan leather chair, the white sofa, all of the blue and white accent pillows. Perfection!

Favourite Beauty
Image from via Pinterest
I hardly get a manicure, maybe once or twice a year but I have been dying to get them done lately. I like to wait for a special occasion, which hasn't come. But, I have been looking at gorgeous fall nail colours and this is beautiful and neutral. Maybe I'll have to pop over to a store to pick up a similar colour!

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