Friday Favourites: Holiday Green

After what seems like one of the longest weeks, we finally made it to Friday! I don't know if it is waking up to darkness and getting home to darkness, or the early snow this year but I feel exhausted. This felt like such a long week and I am ready for some rest this weekend. Even though, I am pretty positive I won't rest and it will end up being busy! I still have some more holiday decor to sort out. Anyone else?!
I hope you enjoy these holiday greens that inspired me this week. I love how classy it looks at home and as fashion for the holiday season!

Favourite Home:
Image found on Pinterest via Instagram
This space is so unique and gorgeous. I love the space even before the gorgeous Christmas decor is added! Though, I also love the blue and green mix of decor!

Favourite Style:
Holiday Green from
This is such a beautiful an elegant outfit for the holidays and I love the green colour of the dress, but also as an alternative colour to red for the holidays. I feel like so many people wear red, but green is just as christmassy!

Favourite DIY:
Found Via Pinterest from House&Home
This is such a sweet idea. I absolutely adore this and I am so tempted to do this myself! It looks like the the jars are filled with the crystal white sprinkles, but it could also be salt or anything similar. Then, the cute little gingerbreads inside! Such a great idea for decor. 

Favourite Table Setting:
I seem to always pick table settings that are more wedding oriented, but I don't see why you couldn't use this table setting for a holiday party! 

Favourite Recipe:
Christmas Tree Cake from
This is such a cute Christmas cake idea! I definitely want to try making more cakes this holiday season - but who is going to eat them all!? This is always the trouble I run into! Such a funny trouble to have. 

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