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I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I decided on Sunday's I am going to do a little reflection on my week on Instagram and post all of my photos here and write a little bit about what I was up to this week. Some weeks it might be incredible dull, others might be a bit more exciting. 
My week on Instagram is still photos from San Francisco - another week or two and then holiday content will be coming your way!
Palace Hotel, San Francisco

California Coast

Wayfare Tavern

Crissy Field Beach

The Warming Hut

This week felt like a busy one. I have been working on a home project, so I had a site visit Monday. Things are going to start moving quickly next weekend, which is very exciting! I am hoping to take you along on that journey a little bit. 
Tuesday I went to an event for Hunter with Amanda from Below the Blonde, which was at a warehouse style place with projections of snowy mountains on the walls, fog machine and these little glasses houses to take photos in their new cold weather line of coats. They also had bagpipe paying to make it feel like the highlands.
Thursday I was at an event for Soia and Kyo for the opening of the new store at the Eaton Centre. I was able to try on so many of their gorgeous winter coats. I saved the try-on clips on my "Style" highlight on Instagram if you want to check it out!
I also had the chance to look at some winter boots at The Bay before the event and found lots of cute options. I really need to replace mine and find a great pair of London Fog boots that are waterproof. I didn't buy them when I was at the store, but the next morning I checked The Bay website and they were on sale, so I of course had to order them! I will definitely update how they are when they arrive, in my Instagram stories.
Friday my boyfriend and I went to see the movie Last Christmas. I thought it was really cute and the acting was good, but I think the entire theatre though it was pretty corny. It was a nice lead up to my weekend!
This weekend I put up Christmas decorations this weekend and also did a little shopping. Annoyingly enough, the subway wasn't running and I had to walk everywhere. Definitely a good little workout and I had 10,000 steps by the time I got home but I am exhausted now! 
I hope you guys enjoyed this little look into my week and round up, I'll have to think of more ways to make this more of a look into my life than what I share on Instagram!

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