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Another week in the books! It truly feels like time is flying by. I also feel like I’m playing catch up with Christmas and I’ve been trying to pinpoint why that is! I think because we received a pretty early snow in Toronto, it put everyone in the holiday spirit. I think so many people put up decorations early, and I am starting Christmas content a week or two earlier than I normally do, and planning to do it even earlier next year. I hope you are excited for my new Christmas content and adventures that are coming out. I have continued to show them off in my stories on Instagram as well as some cooking and baking, which you have been loving! This is the last of the Fall and San Francisco content and I ended with my favourite photo in the convertible Camaro we rented in California.

This week I started Monday off cooking one of our favourite meals in the winter. Jamie Oliver’s chicken pot pie – I saved the recipe in my Recipes highlight on Instagram. I made a double batch of this and froze all of the extra. It is such a great meal to warm you up after a long day, and it heats up really well in the oven!

Tuesday I had the pleasure of being invited to see Dynamite’s new holiday collection. We started the evening at a gallery, enjoying trips and previewing the collection, and then moved on to Sofia for dinner. I had never been to this restaurant before, but apparently J.Lo has been there before. It was stunning and the flowers on the table were from Tonic Blooms and gorgeous! It was also so nice to catch up with a few other bloggers and talk about our lives and the industry in general. Really lovely dinner overall! They also promised to send me a few items from the collection so I look forward to showing them off soon.

The rest of my week was not super exciting. I stopped by HomeSense on my way home on Wednesday and picked up a super cute Christmas tree pillow and a little toy for Lily. I also ordered the cutest Christmas movie watching sweater on Amazon Prime and so many of you loved it! I will link it below in case anyone missed it!

Click here for the Amazon Prime Sweatshirt (affiliate link)
 I also stopped by Old Navy to take a look at more Christmas Pjs. If you missed the post last week, I summed up 35 ChristmasPjs ranging from $8! I picked up a thermal beige pair will cute Christmas trees all over it and a pair of glittery slippers. My cousin had a baby in the summer and I was going to meet her over the weekend, so I picked up the FAO Schwartz Night Before Christmas book. It is so cute!! The book has a red leather look to it, and at the very back of the book, there is a spot to write Christmas memories each year! I also picked up a really sweet little red velvet dress for her for Christmas – and at 4 months old, it is so tiny and adorable. Linking the Book here (affiliate link) and Dress here.
Velour Dress - Red - Kids | H&M CAImage result for fao night before christmas

My Friday was spent baking a cake for my Grandma’s birthday. She loved a chocolate cake with strawberries and whipped cream. I saved all of the steps in my Recipes highlight on Instagram but I might do a proper blog post soon because so many people loved it and responded to my story about it!

Saturday I got up much earlier than I would have liked because when I go to my hometown, I make a day of it. I saw my dad to look at stain colours for the coffee table he is building for me. I had a dentist appointment for a cleaning. Then, I went to my cousins to see her house and visit with her sweet little baby! After that, we all went to visit my Grandma and have tea and cake with her. Really lovely day! That night I also did a little bit of rearranging with art in the bedroom. When I post to my stories, I love that you guys are a part of my day and give me little bits of feedback, so I made a change based on feedback, moving a few things around. I am hoping to post a picture soon, but again, I shared it in my stories so you can also find it there! My boyfriend is currently working on applications for school that are a pretty big deal, so I spent a good portion of the weekend on that too. Lots of proof reading etc. I also did a lot of cleaning and organizing, such is super exciting, I know… I ordered one of those mop and broom hooks for the laundry room, emptied out all of the cupboards and did a huge clean. I bought so many little organizing bins too, to stop laundry detergent etc from getting all over the shelves.

Very productive week and weekend overall, but really just want a day to do nothing! I am sure you guys can relate to that!

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