This Week in Photos...

I am a little late on my post this week but I still wanted to give you my weekly post and also share my new favourite photo from this week.

This week was another busy one! I didn't have any events, which takes a bit off pressure off for me. I always love attending them, but honestly, it is so draining for me to work all day, rush home, change and do touch ups before running out the door, and getting home late. I am very blessed to be invited, but it still takes a toll. My work week was super busy as we have lots going on, so I mostly just relaxed and worked on gift guides at night! 
I got a brow wax and tint at Benefit Brow Bar at Sephora. I normally just do a wax, but this time I decided to do a tiny and I'm really loving it! It picks up all the light baby hairs and tints them to match your natural brow colour so they are bolder and you don't have to fill them in with pencil as much. They do the tinting step before the waxing/tweezing to make sure the shape is perfect after. They do a brow map to make sure your brows are perfect for you face. I've been going there for two years and they always do a great job!
This weekend I took some holiday content at home and they are some of my favourite photos now! I haven't posted all of them, but I can't wait to show you. Super cute and most feature Miss Lilian the Cat. I also watched the Knight Before Christmas, which was cute but cheesey but cute! My boyfriend and I also went to the Aurora Winter Festival at Ontario Place. It had a skating rink, food trucks, little market stalls and carnival rides. Plus lots of light displays. We didn't realize how many light displays there were so we are going to head back at night to enjoy the full festival properly. 
My Sunday ended watching my favourite person, Taylor Swift, win Artist of the Decade at the 2019 American Music Awards.
I hope you had an amazing week and weekend, they are truly flying by this time of year!

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