This Week in Photos...

Another December week in the books! I am so sorry I missed my weekly update last weekend but I caught the worst cold ever at about 8pm on the Wednesday before Black Friday. It seriously hit so quickly, within a half hour it felt like I was super stuffed up. I spent the whole weekend and Monday recovering from the and it put me behind so much!
I hope everyone got some amazing deals on black friday. I finished all of my Christmas shopping and bought myself a few gifts that I will wrap and put under the tree.

This week was a little bit busy, as I was still getting over the cold. I had my work Christmas party on wednesday and I dressed up in a satin red dress I had been saving for Christmas and a pair of sparkly heels. I will share a quick mirror selfie below so you can see it! Thursday Taylor Swift announced she had written a Christmas song over the weekend and she was going to release it at midnight thursday/friday. My friend and I decided we needed to get cute sweatshirts, so I designed the sweetest Christmas Tree Farm sweatshirt and we had them made that same day. Then we met another Swiftie friend down at Union Station rink to watch Tessa Virtue skating. I hate last minute plans, so I definitely pushed myself that night and I am so glad I did. So many people loved the sweatshirts so I started sending the file out to anyone who wanted it so they could make their own. To anyone who isn't a Taylor Swift fan, it just looks like a regular Christmas sweatshirt, but to anyone who loves Taylor, you know! The new song is called Christmas Tree Farm and I am pretty obsessed.
The weekend was spend making a gingerbread village - the cheat way with a glue gun!! And also making a cake for my mums birthday. My boyfriend and I hosted a little tea party at our place and then we all went to the Christmas Market and took in the atmosphere and then went for dinner. Such a nice night! Sunday was spent working on final assignments for my courses and catching up on lots of things around the house. We have some fun plans next weekend and I can't wait to take you along in my stories!

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