Friday Favourites: Seagrass Dreams

A short week is always a good week. Tuesday-Thursday and a half day on Friday sounds good to me. I'm heading to the cottage early Friday afternoon and getting a head start to the weekend and I can't wait. Ready for a little bit of relaxation. Loving the vibes in this week's favourites. The colouring is so beautiful and I am pretty obsessed with some of these images - plus I am very tempted to bake the cake I shared, this weekend. Have an amazing weekend!

*Please note that these images are not mine but the source of the image is listed below each image*

Favourite Interior:
I am obsessed with this chair and table combo. I really think I need this whole kitchen space in my life, it is stunning! Definitely great inspiration for my future kitchen!

Home: What I've Saved Lately, Part 2

This week (and the months) are flying by! We're already in August and here I am sharing my favourite Interior Design images I have saved on Instagram lately. Gathering all of the home inspiration possible in the hopes we will have a home of our own to design soon!
Please note that none of these photos are my own. Below each photo is where you will find a link to the source and often you will find even more amazing inspiration from these accounts!

Summer Salads

Normally on a long weekend I would miss my Monday post, but I was feeling inspired by food this weekend and couldn't help but share some delicious summer salads. Many people think salads are boring, but none of the salads are boring - they are filled with delicious and flavourful ingredients. I will definitely be trying some of these out through the rest of summer. I hope some of the delicious looking salads inspire you to try something new!
Please note that none of these photos are my own. Below each photo is where you will find a link to the source and often you will find even more amazing inspiration from these blogs!

Blackberry Goat Cheese Salad by The Modern Proper. This salad is perfect in late summer, when blackberries are dripping off their stems. Pistachios, chèvre and honey-mustard vinaigrette pair perfectly with peppery arugula and sweet vine-ripe fruit.

Friday Favourites: Raspberry Clafoutis

This week has felt like a bit of a roller-coaster, so I apologize for missing a post earlier this week. It has always been a dream of mine to own a home, which I am sure you could imagine. We have been looking at houses and condos, and it is super stressful! Nothing to share at this point other than that we're looking. I am sure the right thing will come up eventually. Until then we can continue to muse over home interiors! It's a long weekend here in Canada so I am planning on lots of baking since it is probably going to be a rainy one. have an amazing weekend!
*Please note that these images are not mine but the source of the image is listed below each image*

Favourite Interior:
Ranch House from Instagram @stuomcgee
Everything about this is beautiful but Does Studio McGee ever disappoint?! I think my favourite thing is the lighting above the table, but also the simple and beautiful concrete (!?) vases with branches mixed with all of the wood and that beautiful ceiling. 

Lavender Farm Breakfast Picnic

This weekend we decided to head up to the cottage but make a beautiful stop along the way at Purple Hill Lavender Farm. If you remember, Chris and I visited this beautiful family run lavender farm last year and had such an incredible time we decided to go back - this time with a breakfast picnic.

Friday Favourites: Pink Daisies and Cardigans

This week definitely took a turn when my favourite artist, Ms Taylor Swift decided to surprise us with a new album, less than a year after her last one! You can bet that my weekend will be spent listening to this album, and also getting up to some other fun things. Definitely keep an eye on my Instagram stories! Below are some of my musings from this week. Pinterest was definitely hinting at the transition to fall, which I am not ready for yet, but I definitely love these vibes below and I think they work for summer too! Enjoy them and have a lovely weekend!
*Please note that these images are not mine but the source of the image is listed below each image*
dusty pink flowers
Image via Pinterest

Pantry Organization

I wanted to share all of the details for my pantry reorganization. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time because I love baking and it has made baking way easier (and prettier). I was always deterred from this job because when you add up the price of these jars and how many I needed -  I thought it would cost hundreds of dollars! When I stumbled across these particular jars, I felt a lot better about it! In the end, this project cost me around $150, which is way cheaper than if I bought the fancy, smaller, wood top jars from Amazon.
Please note this post contains some affiliate links.

Style: What's New in my Wardrobe July

It's been a while since I've linked the items that I bought but due to the delay in deliveries right now I wanted to make sure you had a chance to buy them if you like them!
I am really obsessed with the first two dresses and I have been looking for more comfortable but cute tops to wear while working from home and came across quite a few. I likely won't keep all of the tops since some are quite similar.
I have linked Canadian and US links for most items, if there is a link missing, it is likely because the item was sold out when I wrote this post.
Please note that some affiliate links are used below.

The Best 1-Hour Cinnamon Buns

This recipe is definitely going to go down as one of our favourites and a go-to now.
These are better than any other cinnamon bun recipe I have tried baking and they are way easier, so it is a win-win!

Friday Favourites: Porch Daydreams

Happy Friday!
This week has really been a long one and I felt off all week - not sick, just not myself, so it's safe to say I am looking forward to the weekend to recharge a little bit.
I spent the week dreaming of gorgeous houses and definitely thinking of starting an Instagram page dedicated to dream home musings. I will let you know if that ever happens, but until then, here are some of my musings from this week.
*Please note that these images are not mine but the source of the image is listed below each image*
Absolutely stunning flowers and colour palette.

Home: What I've Saved Lately

I am trying to get back to posting home content on Wednesday and I thought I would share some of my favourite home inspiration photos that I have saved on Instagram lately.
I think Instagram and Pinterest are my top two sources for home inspiration and whenever I see something cute for home (on Instagram), I save it to my Interior Design folder. I really wish I could share this folder publicly, but since that isn't an option, I think this is the best way to share them with you!
Please note that none of these photos are my own. Below each photo is where you will find a link to the source and often you will find even more amazing inspiration from these accounts!

New Routine

At the beginning of July I switched up my morning and evening routine, and I have been loving it so I thought I would hare a little more about it!

Friday Favourites: Summer Evenings

H e l l o! 
It's been a while since I've posted a Friday Favourites, but I really want to get back into some sort of a routine! I've definitely found it hard to keep routine through quarantine. While restrictions are listing, I am still trying to stay home and away from people are much as possible. However, I did take two trips to stores this week, which was strange as I haven't done a proper visit to a shop since March!
I hope these favourites I compiled this week serve as a little bit of inspiration for you.
Have a lovely weekend!
*Please note that these images are not mine but the source of the image is listed below each image*
Favourite Tablescape:
4th of July Tablescape and BBQ Menu from
I think this serves as a gorgeous and simple inspiration for a summer dinner. I know we have some floral blue plates like this, and these water hyacinth place mats have been on my list for a while, so maybe I just need to follow through on that. 

Home Decor & Interior Designers

Lately, my Instagram home feed has been filled with some new faces & spaces of talented Black Creators & Interior designers. The spaces that they have created and share on their Instagram's are beautiful and I urge you to check them out (and follow them)! 
Above each image is the name and Instagram handle for each of these Creators and Designers. Please note that none of these images are my own and the source of each image and the talented Creators and Interiors Designers who the images belong to are linked below the images. 

Coco | @cococozy

Coco on Instagram: “This is what a home looks like that was created by me, a black woman, who runs a business where hiring black people and people of color has…” Source: @cococozy

BLM & Moving Forward

It has been a week of reflection, learning, and growth. The number of people who have come together in solidarity with the Black community has been incredible and I hope that this continues. While much of my growth and the information I have shared has come from the Black community this week, we mustn’t forget that growth continues beyond what we share on social media. The uncomfortable conversations we have with those close to us, our community, the movies and shows we watch, to the books we read. It has been a week full of conversations and I am thankful for each person who took the time to talk with me.

How I Dream Up Spaces

Dreaming about home changes in my favourite way - photo collages! Read about how I did this and why I chose what I did, below.
If you follow me on Instagram you know I have been taking on little home projects here and there for fun! One of the projects has been a living room, which you can see here and the space college I have been working on is part of that space, but right now is just a blank wall!
Please note affiliate links are used in this post. 

Laid Back Elegant Spaces

This week was one of those weeks where all of the photos I liked seemed to follow a general theme without me trying. This post was also called "This is a mood" while I was curating the photos for it, because it is just a gorgeous laid back mood! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as me, and I hope you're having a great week so far.
Please note that none of these photos are my own, please find the image source located below each image. If you have any questions, please reach out via email.
Living Room, Living Room Ideas, Living Room Design, Interior Design, Hallway Design, Interiors, White Living Room, Neutral Home Design, Home Decor, Home Styling, Living Room Furniture, Entry Way Design, Console Table, Sofa, White Sofa

Guest Closet Update

With all of the time we are spending at home lately, it is the perfect time to tackle projects that have been sitting at the bottom of your "Home Project" list for a while. One of those projects for me was the guest bedroom closet. It is an open closet (without doors), so I wanted to do something special! I partnered with The Home Depot Canada to transform the space. I was able to order all of the items I needed on their app and have them delivered straight to my door. 
This post is in partnership with The Home Depot Canada.

Paint Spraying Furniture

We recently invested in a paint sprayer and it was such a great idea! We had a lot of pieces of furniture that we wanted to paint and give new life to them. I’ll share all of the details about the paint sprayer, paint, wax etc below!

Style: Lust List

At the beginning of April I ordered a few cute things from H&M and they took 3 weeks to arrive and of course were all sold out by that point. Why would I share them with you at that point if you can't buy them!? 
This time around, I thought I better share them right away so that you don't miss out on them. I will share what I bought and what other items caught my eye.
Please note affiliate links are used in this post.
What I bought:
Linen-blend Dress - Cream/floral - Ladies | H&M CA
Linen Blend Dress C$39.99
Canadian link / US link
This dress comes in a few colours. I was torn as I really wanted the lemon print as well, but it sold out so quickly, so I purchased a top in lemon print instead.
If you want a classic and easy white summery dress, I would definitely recommend picking this one up in white! I have one from last year that is so similar, so i didn't pick it up in white this time. I also have this lovely hat in the photo above but it sold out so quickly!!

Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes

Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes

This is one of my favourite treats because it is so easy to make and is ready in 15 minutes! Plus you can bake it in the microwave if you really want a quick treat. 

Home Garden & Patio Inspiration

In the current state of the world, we are all spending much more time at home and if we are lucky enough - our own outdoor spaces. I know I am working on sprucing up our outdoor space and needed a little inspiration, especially when we are just heading into gardening season. Bring on the cute patio furniture, accessories and beautiful plants!

Please note that none of these images are my own, and all of the sources are linked below each image.
The Best Ideas for Creating Stunning Summer Flower Pots from

Sephora Sale: Beauty Favourites

With the Sephora sale open to all Beauty Insiders, I wanted to share my full skincare and make up routine! The sale is running until May 1st (depending on your tier), and Beauty Insiders receive 10% off at Sephora, VIB receive 15%  off and Rouge receive 20% off. I will put all of the details below!
If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email me or send me a message on Instagram @emscourtney
Please note affiliate links are being used in this post!

Friday Favourites: Spring Florals

Let's pretend it didn't snow this week and that we're getting lots of beautiful spring blooms! 
This post of favourites is definitely floral inspired, and if you've seen my Instagram lately, you will know I made a gorgeous floral cake for Easter weekend and I am hoping to post about that soon.
I hope everyone is doing well in these tough times, I am sending all of my love to you and hope everyone stays well.
*Please note that these images are not mine but the source of the image is listed below each image*
Favourite Interior:
Bathroom Reveal! Check out this beautiful DIY bathroom with pink floral wallpaper, brass accents, a round mirror, marble vanity, subway tiles. It's a girly decor dream! For a small bathroom it sure is big on style! #BathroomRemodel
Bathroom Remodel from
I would love to do one of our powder rooms with a floral wallpaper! This looks stunning, and for a little powder room, would make a big impact!

Dried Eucalyptus Wreath DIY

When I was growing up the door to the front hallway had a dried Eucalyptus wreath on it. It looked beautiful but also has a lovely scent to it that you could smell when passing by. I have never seen any for sale, so I decided to take it upon myself to make one. It was really easy and I have now made a few! Plus, any extra branches look nice in a vase.
*Please not this post contains affiliate links*

Mini Eggs Cookies

Mini Egg Cookies

Using my favourite brown butter chocolate chip cookie recipe but switching the chocolate chunks and pecans for mini eggs. They are absolutely delicious and we have been enjoying way too many!

Tips to Help You Work From Home

Starting a new week off with some tips on how to work from home!
I hope these tips and ideas help you find a new routine and rhythm when working from home.
Check out my other post 21 Things You Can Do At Home

21 Things You Can Do At Home

I wanted to start the weekend with something positive and helpful. Since I am such a homebody and always coming up with ways to spend time at home, I wanted to share some things that you can do at home as well as a few links.

Friday Favourites: Hygge

It's been quite the week in the world and such an emotional rollercoaster. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. On a lighter note, I hope these images inspire you. I love the hygge theme, especially with the current state of the world. Imagining cozy weekends at home, enjoying dutch baby pancakes  at a spring inspired table with loved ones.
*Please note that these images are not mine but the source of the image is listed below each image*
Favourite Interior:
I love this chandelier, but also the overall feel of this space and the natural elements and textures. Perfect for the design themes we are seeing right now. 

Spring Home Ideas

While I'm in the freezing cold, I couldn't help but daydream about Spring and home decor.
I'm also dreaming about buying a house, which seems so far off. Though, when I do, I can't wait to decorate seasonally and adding all of the florals for Spring. 

Friday Favourites: Cozy Winter Weekends

I just made the announcements on Instagram that I am heading to Yellowknife in a week. Of course, I wanted to share a little bit of wintery inspiration to get us in the mood for the adventures I am going to take us on very soon!
*Please note that these images are not mine but the source of the image is listed below each image*
Image found on Pinterest via

Organic Modern Designs

I haven't shared any design musings in a little while so I thought after the long weekend was a good opportunity to share some of my favourites from the last few weeks.
I saw a hashtag that gave these musings a little name #EuropeanOrganicModern, which I love! I hope you enjoy all of these beautiful designs.
*Please note that I do not own any of the images below. The source of the image is listed below each photo. Often, these links have other amazing photos from the same project or other design from the same design schemes*
Emory Extension Dining Table from McGee & Co

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

The most unexpected, yet tasty chocolate mousse! This was really easy to make and it was tested on non-vegans who thought it was amazing. Also, I had to make it Valentinesy with the cute heart shaped strawberries.

Last Week in Photos...

What a week and weekend it has been! This week on Instagram and the blog I shared a cute wallpaper that I drew for Valentine's Day that you can find here as well as a cake recipe that I have now made twice and is absolutely delicious for Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Buttercream, which you can find here! Below I will give a little update on what I was up to this week in case you missed anything. 
Shop this photo here

Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Buttercream

It's been a while since I posted a recipe on the blog! I made this cake over the weekend and was overwhelmed with the messages, so I had to share. If you are just looking for the buttercream recipe, head straight to This is the recipe I used and loved.
If you want to make the entire cake like I did, read on!

Love is Sweet Wallpaper

Happy Monday my loves!
I truly meant to make some other sort of post, but I immersed myself in drawing and time flew! If you've been here for a while, you know how I love changing up my phone wallpapers to be seasonal. This time I drew one for you and I am pretty obsessed! I think I might have to make a desktop version of this next! I hope you enjoy it and it makes your Monday a little bit sweeter.

Friday Favourites: I Heart You

Happy Friday! The last one of January and I am ready to enter the month of Love.
Last weekend I shot some photos at home for Valentine's Day and a few have been showing up on the blog this week. Hoping to shoot some more photos this weekend and this post is definitely giving me inspiration. Have an amazing weekend!
*Please note that these images are not mine but the source of the image is listed below each image*

Favourite Table Setting:
Valentine's Inspired Shoot from
I love the mix of black, white, pink and red! I can't wait to be able to host cute little Valentine's parties. 

My New Sofa Cover

Sharing part of my newly updated space!
*In partnership with Comfort Works*
At the end of last year I continued with my room refresh project, this time, with a beautiful new sofa cover! Through my Interior Design degree, we have spent a lot of time on the subject of sustainability, which is a growing topic inside the industry of design but also in the rest of society. I think that it is also important to think of this when it comes to furniture. I've had this Ikea Karlstad soft for many many years and rather than buy an entirely new sofa, I love that I was able to design a custom sofa cover with Comfort Works!

Printable Valentine's Sign

Love You More

I previewed this cute sign on my Instagram stories over the weekend. I know you loved the sign I made in the Fall so I decided to make another for Valentine's Day! I made this sweet little sign in 3 different colours. It is really easy to print off and put in a frame, plus you can change out the sign every season. Keep reading for all of the details on how to print and where to get the frame.
*Please note that this post includes affiliate links*
Shop this entire post by clicking on the images below. This includes my favourite piece - the mirror! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me on any social media or via email!

Design Musings

Sharing some of my design musings from this week. 
I love how all of these designs fit together with a similar colour palette. They are giving me so much inspiration for current and future projects. Plus, if you follow me on Instagram, you'll see the cotton ball stems and think of the ones I shared in my stories.
I hope you love these ideas as much as me.
*Please note that none of these images are my own and that the source is linked below each image. Often even more amazing images are at these links as well!*
How to Style a Coffee Table from

Style: On My Radar

Nothing like a fresh wardrobe, or a few new pieces to beat the most depressing day of the year! During my lazy weekend in bed, which truly wasn't that lazy but quite productive - I did a little bit of browsing online. I found many things that caught my eye and I thought I would share some of my favourites. I included a mix of low to mid priced items. 
I have already placed an order for the ribbed joggers. I realized that these make the comfiest pj pants! Plus the Aire sweater and XOXO sweater for a cute Valentine's look.
*Please note that affiliate links have been used*

Friday Favourites: Chamomile Dreams

Happy Friday Lovebugs!
These past two weeks have felt super dull, but the last two days I have been feeling a little more inspired. I think that scrolling through Pinterest always creates a creative spark of inspiration in me. I also think I may have skipped right over Valentine's Day and into Spring. I promise I will circle back soon. I have also been working on a super cute Valentine's Printable for you, so stay turned.
Have an amazing weekend!

Favourite Home:
Kansas City House from
I love this so much! Also, if you click the home tour, the space was beautifully designed by and is so unique and lovely. The style reminds me a lot of Julia Engel's home. I would love to live here.

Travel: Florida

I've been back for over a week now, but I have so many photos that my Instagram will be in sunny Florida for a little while. C and I spent the week after Christmas in Florida with family, and it was such a nice way to relax. C has been really busy lately and also has some busy months coming up, so it was really nice to spend quality time together. 
I am going to share lots of photos from my trip including personal photos that I didn't share on instagram, so I hope this gives you a better look into my trip!

Life: Christmas Holidays

This post is a little bit overdue, but with the busy holiday season I didn't get a chance to share what I got up to over the Christmas break! Plus I wanted to share some of my personal photos that you wouldn't see on instagram, both in this post, and the Florida trip post (what I did after Christmas).

Cozy Decor after Christmas

I just got back to Toronto from my trip to Florida and one of the first things I did after unpacking was take down my Christmas decorations. My condo feels so sad and empty. I seriously considered putting my tree back up!
I decided to look for some post Christmas decor to make my space feel cozy for winter and beat the blues! These are some of my favourite ideas found via Pitnerest.
*Please note that none of these photos are my own. The source is listed below each photo*

6 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozy After Christmas | - 6 surefire ways to decorate your home feel cozy after Christmas during the cold winter months using proven methods from the Hygge lifestyle. #winterdecor #cozydecor #afterchristmas #hygge