Friday Favourites: I Heart You

Happy Friday! The last one of January and I am ready to enter the month of Love.
Last weekend I shot some photos at home for Valentine's Day and a few have been showing up on the blog this week. Hoping to shoot some more photos this weekend and this post is definitely giving me inspiration. Have an amazing weekend!
*Please note that these images are not mine but the source of the image is listed below each image*

Favourite Table Setting:
Valentine's Inspired Shoot from
I love the mix of black, white, pink and red! I can't wait to be able to host cute little Valentine's parties. 

Favourite Style:
Valentine's Collection from
First off, I love this photo but secondly, I love the little hearts on the elbows!

Favourite DIY:
Valentine DIY Lavender Sachets from
This is such a sweet idea! I'd love to make some of these. This makes a great gift any time of the year as well. 

Favourite Recipe
DIY Lollipops from
These cupcakes are so cute, and I love that the lollipops are made from scratch too!

Favourite Nails:
45 Pretty nails for Valentines that you will absolutely love from
These nails are so cute! I was incredibly tempted to have my nails done like this after seeing this photo. Amazing inspiration for love month nails.

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