Friday Favourites: Cozy Winter Weekends

I just made the announcements on Instagram that I am heading to Yellowknife in a week. Of course, I wanted to share a little bit of wintery inspiration to get us in the mood for the adventures I am going to take us on very soon!
*Please note that these images are not mine but the source of the image is listed below each image*
Image found on Pinterest via

Favourite Table Setting:
Brown Butter Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cookies from
Imagine coming in from a snowy adventure to these warm cookies, straight from the oven?!

Favourite Style:
I am trying to gather all of the cold weather fashion inspo that is reasonable for the chilly weather I am about to experience. This looks perfect!

Favourite DIY:
Photo via
Love the colours and the fur rugs over the backs of the chairs. Easily done and gorgeous. 

Favourite Recipe
Creamy Coconut Hot Chocolate from
This sounds soooo dreamy! I also love that it is made with coconut, different but delicious. 

Favourite Nails:
Sweater Nail Art from
I adore this style and I am so so tempted to head to the nail salon before my trip to get this done. I love it!

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