Love is Sweet Wallpaper

Happy Monday my loves!
I truly meant to make some other sort of post, but I immersed myself in drawing and time flew! If you've been here for a while, you know how I love changing up my phone wallpapers to be seasonal. This time I drew one for you and I am pretty obsessed! I think I might have to make a desktop version of this next! I hope you enjoy it and it makes your Monday a little bit sweeter.

Click to download 

This weekend was a busy one. If you remember, I've been working on a reno project for a friend and Saturday we were out looking for flooring, followed by more planning and sourcing at night. Sunday I helped C get organized, baked a cake (recipe to come on Wednesday) and did a bunch of housework that I really needed to finish, then instead of doing school work, I sat in bed drawing. I've also been binge  watching Anne with an E. To be honest, at first she irritated me, but now I feel like I am hooked. I also like that it is a Canadian story - it makes me happy to support. Other than that, not much has been going on during the week - same old! Hoping to start working out again this week, but we shall see... I seem to talk myself out of it!
Have a wonderful week xx

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