Tips to Help You Work From Home

Starting a new week off with some tips on how to work from home!
I hope these tips and ideas help you find a new routine and rhythm when working from home.
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Get dressed for a normal day

Act as if you are going into an office. Get dressed, do your hair and makeup as you normally would!
I helps you feel like you are in work mode.

Prepare snacks and lunch

Preparing snacks and lunch for the day stops you from  extra snacking when you're bored and helps set out your day.

Start and stop work at the same time

Start and end your day at the same time you would if you were in the office.

Set alarms to take breaks

When you set alarms, it reminds you to take a break, do whatever you want!

Stretch & walk around every hour

Get up, stretch, and walk around to change things up and help get the blood flowing!

Create an “office” space 

Create an actual office space so you know this is your space to work, with little distractions. 

Break silence with  coffee shop sounds

Call a coworker to catch up 

Make it feel like you're in the office by catching up with a coworker!


When you're not in person/in the office, things can get lost in translation. Make sure you over-communicate! It saves time in the long run.

Don’t work outside of “work hours”

Set boundaries and ensure you aren't working at 8pm because you remembered something you need to do!

Use your “commute” time for fitness

Pick a workout or something active to do during your usual "commute" time. 

Drink lots of water

Keep yourself hydrated!

Take coffee breaks

Make sure you take a few coffee/tea/beverage breaks for yourself. Make it a time for you!

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