How I Dream Up Spaces

Dreaming about home changes in my favourite way - photo collages! Read about how I did this and why I chose what I did, below.
If you follow me on Instagram you know I have been taking on little home projects here and there for fun! One of the projects has been a living room, which you can see here and the space college I have been working on is part of that space, but right now is just a blank wall!
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Laid Back Elegant Spaces

This week was one of those weeks where all of the photos I liked seemed to follow a general theme without me trying. This post was also called "This is a mood" while I was curating the photos for it, because it is just a gorgeous laid back mood! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as me, and I hope you're having a great week so far.
Please note that none of these photos are my own, please find the image source located below each image. If you have any questions, please reach out via email.
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Guest Closet Update

With all of the time we are spending at home lately, it is the perfect time to tackle projects that have been sitting at the bottom of your "Home Project" list for a while. One of those projects for me was the guest bedroom closet. It is an open closet (without doors), so I wanted to do something special! I partnered with The Home Depot Canada to transform the space. I was able to order all of the items I needed on their app and have them delivered straight to my door. 
This post is in partnership with The Home Depot Canada.

Paint Spraying Furniture

We recently invested in a paint sprayer and it was such a great idea! We had a lot of pieces of furniture that we wanted to paint and give new life to them. I’ll share all of the details about the paint sprayer, paint, wax etc below!

Style: Lust List

At the beginning of April I ordered a few cute things from H&M and they took 3 weeks to arrive and of course were all sold out by that point. Why would I share them with you at that point if you can't buy them!? 
This time around, I thought I better share them right away so that you don't miss out on them. I will share what I bought and what other items caught my eye.
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What I bought:
Linen-blend Dress - Cream/floral - Ladies | H&M CA
Linen Blend Dress C$39.99
Canadian link / US link
This dress comes in a few colours. I was torn as I really wanted the lemon print as well, but it sold out so quickly, so I purchased a top in lemon print instead.
If you want a classic and easy white summery dress, I would definitely recommend picking this one up in white! I have one from last year that is so similar, so i didn't pick it up in white this time. I also have this lovely hat in the photo above but it sold out so quickly!!

Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes

Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes

This is one of my favourite treats because it is so easy to make and is ready in 15 minutes! Plus you can bake it in the microwave if you really want a quick treat.