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At the beginning of April I ordered a few cute things from H&M and they took 3 weeks to arrive and of course were all sold out by that point. Why would I share them with you at that point if you can't buy them!? 
This time around, I thought I better share them right away so that you don't miss out on them. I will share what I bought and what other items caught my eye.
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What I bought:
Linen-blend Dress - Cream/floral - Ladies | H&M CA
Linen Blend Dress C$39.99
Canadian link / US link
This dress comes in a few colours. I was torn as I really wanted the lemon print as well, but it sold out so quickly, so I purchased a top in lemon print instead.
If you want a classic and easy white summery dress, I would definitely recommend picking this one up in white! I have one from last year that is so similar, so i didn't pick it up in white this time. I also have this lovely hat in the photo above but it sold out so quickly!!

Scarf-detail Scrunchie - Light purple/floral - Ladies | H&M CA
Scrunchie C$6.99
Canadian link / US link

V-neck Sweater - Light beige melange - Ladies | H&M CA 2
V-neck Sweater C$14.99
Being home so much I have realized I need more comfy but cute sweaters and this price was on point!

Ankle-length Slacks - Light pink - Ladies | H&M CA
Ankle-length Slacks C$19.99
Not sure if these will fit, but I really love the colour, fit and price tag!

Ruffle-trimmed Top - White/lemons - | H&M CA 4
Ruffle-trimmed Top C$19.99
The lemon print! I thought this was a cute top to try out for summer. 

Fine-knit Cardigan - Cream - Ladies | H&M CA 2
Fine-knit Cardigan C$14.99
Canadian link / US link
Another effortless and simple sweater that I could also throw over a summer dress.

Shoulder Bag - Light brown/beige - Ladies | H&M CA
Shoulder Bag $19.99
Canadian link / US link

What I am Lusting After:
Linen-blend Dress - White - Ladies | H&M CA 2
Linen-blend Dress $99.00
I love this and it is so similar the floral dress I picked up last spring from Chicwish. If I didn't have to many white dresses already, this would be in my hands right now!

V-neck Cotton Dress - Light yellow - Ladies | H&M CA 5
V-neck Cotton Dress C$59.99
I love this dress, so effortless and beautiful but I wanted to see how the other things turned out first. Maybe next round I will order this!

Waist Belt - Dark brown/gold-colored - Ladies | H&M CA
Waist Belt  C$22.99
I love this. It would be perfect for fall winter or even late summer, but I haven't pressed go on it because I don't think I will wear it until later in the season and something else might pop up... maybe the wrong call but we'll see what happens!

Balconette Bikini Top - Cream/floral - | H&M CA 2
Balconette Bikini Top C$19.99

Brazilian Bikini Bottoms C$19.99
If I didn't have so many bikinis I would totally purchase this one and the one below. They are both so gorgeous! 

Shaping Swimsuit - Light beige/white striped - Ladies | H&M CA
Shaping Swimsuit C$39.99

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