Home Decor & Interior Designers

Lately, my Instagram home feed has been filled with some new faces & spaces of talented Black Creators & Interior designers. The spaces that they have created and share on their Instagram's are beautiful and I urge you to check them out (and follow them)! 
Above each image is the name and Instagram handle for each of these Creators and Designers. Please note that none of these images are my own and the source of each image and the talented Creators and Interiors Designers who the images belong to are linked below the images. 

Coco | @cococozy

Coco on Instagram: “This is what a home looks like that was created by me, a black woman, who runs a business where hiring black people and people of color has…” Source: @cococozy

BLM & Moving Forward

It has been a week of reflection, learning, and growth. The number of people who have come together in solidarity with the Black community has been incredible and I hope that this continues. While much of my growth and the information I have shared has come from the Black community this week, we mustn’t forget that growth continues beyond what we share on social media. The uncomfortable conversations we have with those close to us, our community, the movies and shows we watch, to the books we read. It has been a week full of conversations and I am thankful for each person who took the time to talk with me.