New Routine

At the beginning of July I switched up my morning and evening routine, and I have been loving it so I thought I would hare a little more about it!
Up until I met C I was a more of a morning person - not a before 6am type of person, but I still liked to get up, enjoy my mornings, get in a workout. Though, C is more of a night owl, so I changed up my routine. I know that it wasn't necessary, and I could have done my own thing and its 100% fine if that's what works for you. Flash forward to now, C started working at has to get up around 5am. This meant, we were going back to my old schedule of going to bed early, and I could get up earlier without being exhausted! Obviously I do feel a bit bad he has to get up much earlier than me, but I am using this chance to change up my routine. 

AM Routine

My alarm goes off a 7am. I immediately get changed into my workout gear, put on whatever TV show I am watching (part of what motivates me!) and do a workout. I have been doing them in the bedroom, but I am sure when we own a house, I will find a new workout space. I have started the BBG/Sweat with Kayla plan again. Monday, Wednesday, Friday I do one of her resistance workouts and Tuesday, Thursday (plus one weekend day) I add in another workout. These past two weeks I have been doing HIIT workouts from YouTube, I always find the Fitness Blender workouts the best. These workouts are all around 30 minutes.

Then, I make breakfast and finish the show I was watching while occasionally enjoying some cat snuggles like I did this morning. This is the second part of what motivates me - a little down time before work! I'll save my two go-to breakfast recipes another day. Prior to changing this routine, I really didn't think I would be able to workout on an empty stomach,l but 2 weeks in, and it's been going really well. Otherwise the thought was that I would make a smoothie, have a few sips, workout, then finish it after the workout. A future goal is to finish a glass full of water after my workout, before breakfast!

At 8am I get changed, wash my face, put a little bit of makeup on and start work at 8:15. 

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PM Routine

This new routine means that when I finish work, I don't have to rush to workout, which I love and I end up working on assignments for the courses I am working on. Plus I can start dinner a little sooner.

I've been getting ready for bed around 9pm and getting into bed early, and falling asleep around 10:30. I feel like prior to this change, I always became anxious about the time I fell asleep based on the fact that I would be exhausted the next day if I didn't sleep enough. Now, I fall asleep any time between 10 and 11 and I don't feel too worried about getting up at 7 because of that. 

Other Thoughts

I know these aren't groundbreaking changes and some of you may already be doing this, but honestly, in the last two weeks I have realized how nice of a change this has been for me. I think that I am in a much better mood, and I just generally feel better throughout the day. Plus, when I end work, I feel amazing knowing that I don't have a workout hanging over my head! I also know that it wouldn't been an easy change if C wasn't getting up as well. I know some people can be independent in the sense that they can motivate themselves to get up before their SO or go to bed before them, but I found it challenging. I especially found the nighttime routine hard if I was trying to get to bed earlier. I really value that time together before we fall asleep just reflecting on the day, or chatting before falling asleep. 

Once I return to work in an office (post-pandemic) I will try to keep up this routine. I might have to get up 15 minutes earlier just to stay on track with getting out the door by 8am, but I think that is still manageable. One change I could make is doing my makeup while watching tv - the routine is much smaller than it used to be, so this might be okay!

I hope this helps you get an idea of what works for me, and what maybe works for you as well as what might be holding you back!

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